8-in-1 mini tool

I’m a sucker for multi-tools. The Swiss Army Knife being the old standby and the Leatherman is also a favorite. I came across this handy little 8-in-1 tool and thought it was interesting. It folds down so small that you can easily use it on your key ring. The SwissTech Micro-Plus features the following eight tools: #1 flat screwdriver, #2 flat screwdriver, #1 phillips screwdriver, #2 phillips screwdriver, precision pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, and a sheet shear.

It appears to be a valuable tool while still being small enough to fit in your pocket with your keys. The Swiss Army knife is a bit more bulky and wouldn’t fit quite as well. The Leatherman is bulkier still and is better held on your belt. This option measures in at 1-7/8” x 1” x 1/4″ folded.

Brando 4-in-1 desk lamp

When I first read about the multifunctional Brando 4-in-1 desk lamp I was intrigued. I like it when I find items that have utility and can complete more than one task. But, then I studied the product details, and I was underwhelmed. It is hectic and distracting. And, a desktop fan is useless to me. (When was the last time you used a desktop fan?!) It felt like the fan was thrown in just so it could say it had four functions. I also have no use for a webcam or a microphone since both come installed on my laptop.

It is USB powered, which takes away one of your computer’s USB hubs, but it does provide a LED light, fan, webcam, and microphone. I’m not excited about this product, but maybe it’s just me. I’m interested in hearing from our Unclutterer readers in the comments section. Are there other multifunctional items that you had high expectations for and then were disappointed by the reality of the product?

(via Engadget)

Fusion Table lets you have your pool table too

So you’ve wanted a pool table ever since your parents said you don’t have room for one. Now you are old enough to make your own decisions as to what you bring into your home and you want a pool table. Oh, you don’t have room either? Well, the multifunctional Fusion Table by Aramith may be your ticket to your very own pool table.

The modern looking table neatly covers the playing surface and makes some adjustments to become a regulation pool table when the mood strikes you. The pockets are collapsible and expand when a ball falls into the pocket. The legs increase in height by three inches to make the table a standard 33-inches high. The table comes in two finishes, a metal line and a wood line. Their are many options on the type of wood finish from which you can choose.

Obviously, this isn’t for everyone, but if you want a pool table and you don’t have the room, this is a better option than adding a game room onto your house. I was unable to find a price on the Fusion Table site, but if you live in a small space and want a game table, this might be for you.

(via CNET’s Appliance & Kitchen Gadget Blog)

Multifunctional home office hub

CNET’s positive review of the Brother MFC-685cw Color Inkjet Multi-Function Center caught my attention mainly because of the inexpensive price and all the functions it performs. For a price as low as this ($130), you can’t really expect to have high quality photo printing when the device consolidates so many functions into one product. But, if you are in the market for an all-in-one printer, fax, scanner, copier, phone, answering machine, wireless network interface, and photo printer, this may be for you.

You are sacrificing quality for quantity and run the risk of losing all functionality if one of the devices breaks, but you are saving space. Fewer wires and a smaller footprint for your home office can be beneficial to an uncluttered workspace.