Foo Fighters’ bassist abhors clutter

Nate MendelWhen I think of a rock star, I imagine a party-until-dawn lifestyle that isn’t conducive to simple living. Maybe I’ve seen too many lives of excess stories chronicled on VH-1’s Behind the Music? So, it was refreshing for me to read that Foo Fighters’ bassist Nate Mendel buys his music digitally because he “abhors clutter.” From a Houston Chronicle article:

“People are buying fewer CDs every year,” Mendel says. “You don’t want to wait until those sales are finished, before you find a way to run your band.

Mendel isn’t helping CD sales. He admits that he buys his music digitally because “CDs create clutter, and I abhor clutter.”

Maybe Nate would be interested in our post on eliminating CD clutter.

Here’s another rock star who enjoys simple living.

Uncluttering your digital music collection

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