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    Minimalist wardrobe/personal uniform

    My “office uniform” tends to be a neutral-colored pencil skirt on the bottom, and either a v-neck cashmere sweater or a blouse on top. Tops are either neutrals or jewel tones. 3″-4″ heels, generally in fairly classic styles (no trendy booties, thank you!) Two dozen pieces provides a lot of mixing and matching, and almost everything goes together. Belts, jewelry, and other accessories add a bit of “zing” and make the basic pieces look pulled together.

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    how is your make-up bag looking?

    4 Bare Escentuals powders (2 colors, mineral vale, and “warmth”)
    2 Bobby Brown eyeshadows (2 shades worn together, 2.5 years old and going strong!)
    1 DiorShow mascara (black)
    1 Revlon eyeliner (black)
    1 lip gloss (clear, cheap, hydrating)
    1 set good makeup brushes (stored upright in a nice holder)

    That covers all the bases, and everything but the brushes fits in a small makeup bag. I really don’t see the need for multiples of items. A big makeup collection is bound to be cluttered with some dated or too-trendy items!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)