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    Does anybody know a %age reduction in efficiency that visual distractions bring….I seem to remember a time management trainer telling me once that objects in your peripheral vision can reduce your efficiency by 10% – any thoughts / ideas on some evidence of this?

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    Workplace Efficiency

    @ataylor I think I read the same thing somewhere too.

    I can’t stand anything being on my desk! Whenever I go and work at someones desk thats covered in paper and food and mugs it makes me feel ill!!
    I used to have more stuff on my desk (notebooks etc) and as soon as I got some drawers I was so much more productive!

    Thought It would be nice to share a pic!
    Its a lot less cluttered now (I took the birthday cards down.) Also, I’m well aware of how depressing it looks. trust me. its better than my last desk. ยฌยฌ


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    Workplace Efficiency

    @Anita – my office has NO natural light – only florescent lighting. I often feel highly anxious at work…and I think part of that is due to the office environment rather than the work itself. I’ve even read that florescent lighting can trigger panic attacks in people already prone to them: whether that’s scientifically true or not, I’m not sure, but I thought it was interesting. Because there is no natural light, my attempt at having plants or anything green has failed as well.

    Luckily, I have an actual office and not a cubicle, so it is not quite as depressing as it could be.

    I definitely need to keep my desk cleaner at work – I tend to have piled papers and a cluttered computer desktop. I’m working on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Workplace Efficiency

    My work desk isn’t bad: No loose papers, just my beverages, a small transcription tape player, a computer, my timesheet book, and a few cat pictures.

    My home desk… Not so great. I went down to a smaller desk in the hope of making things better, but instead I ended up with a claustrophobic situation where I can’t lay out a project or comfortably use my scanner. Going back to a large, flat L-shaped setup in the next few weeks. Sometimes smaller isn’t the way to go.

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    Workplace Efficiency

    I don’t have a proper desk at work (I tend to use the “hot-desk” in the office so long as no one else is using it), as my tasks vary from day to day. I sometimes spend afternoons backing and bordering noticeboards with coloured paper.
    What I did find helpful last month, however, was to clear/sort out trhe rolls of paper and border in my corner of the cupboard. There were so many tubes with hardly any paper in (as in not even enough for one noticeboard), and new unopened ones had been delivered and put in front… it was chaos.
    I spent an afternoon sorting/chucking bits out, and can now breathe easy when I go to fetch paper or borders. I can see clearly what I have, and it feels calmer.

    Partly, it’s down to doing what I do on my own now. (Until the summer I was doing it with another girl). My former colleague was extremely pernickety… she didn’t like using the paper/straight borders as they were “boring”, and backing paper had to be the colour of her choosing. (As a utilitarian, I couldn’t be bothered wasting time arguing.) She turned up her nose at perfectly good rolls of backing paper, because the top or bottom of the roll had got a bit crumpled. (We covered the edges with border anyway!) Aaargh.
    Now, I have a strict system. I use what’s open first – no leaving half-used rolls of paper. Straight or paper borders get used whenever possible, and non-picky people are my new best friends, lol. ๐Ÿ˜› And I’ve never cared about putting up a colour I don’t like… it’s just something I’m paid to do.

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    Workplace Efficiency

    Very spacious and bright, ataylor!

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    Workplace Efficiency

    I have a cubicle, but at least it is large and has high walls. Most of my co-workers have counter-height walls and consequently no privacy at all.

    Anyone with an office that has no natural light: I recommend bringing in two lamps. A full-spectrum lamp for yourself and a Gro-Light for a plant. Having a plant in your space does wonders. There are several types that do just fine in artificial and low light.

    I like to keep my work surface clean. I have the right side of my L-shaped desk devoted to “staging” – correspondence that is someone else’s responsibility but that I’m monitoring – and, to the left of my keyboard etc., my actual work-in-progress. I am a wee bit cluttered right now and don’t like it. Let me attend to that.

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    Workplace Efficiency

    @ataylor – I’m impressed. I seldom got my desk quite that empty. If it were mine, I would add a plant, but nothing more. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Workplace Efficiency

    that is a minimal workspace for sure!
    i’d add a plant too. or cut flowers.

    my home office is my work office and right now it looks untidy.
    i left it in some chaos after a last-minute phone call and order and rushing to meet the courier deadline late yesterday afternoon.
    i have a garden view out of the window and more garden and valley views out of the door…..natural lighting is all i require during the day.
    i am due for a major overhaul of the entire space very soon.
    i am buying a colour printer with CISS and i will be doing a whole huge heap of printing for work.
    some major ripping out and rearranging will be called for, but i don’t know what/how until i get the printer here.

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    Workplace Efficiency

    I’ll be following this topic closely. I need inspiration.

    Sometimes I arrive at work and I just want to cry. My colleague is a clutterer and disorganised and we share a worktop where me make orthodontic braces. I arrive at work 15 minutes earlier just to clean up her mess. I already work very long hours and spending time tiding up and looking for something she misplaced is making me unhappy and less productive.

    Everything got worse after a comment of my husband. We were talking about how our doctors’s practice are cluttered (I’ve just gone to a new GP and my first comment was that there were piles of disorganised paper everywhere) then he said “you should see my physiotherapist! It’s sooooo messy, really horrible! You know the back room where you work? Like that!”. Every morning I arrive at work and hear his voice in his head, comparing the messiest practice he’s been to with my workplace.

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    Workplace Efficiency

    @ataylor Please, ell me what did you do? I’ve been thinking about experimenting some behaviour modifying techniques like confiscating any misplaced item. But she would just order more of them (and I’m sooo angry with all her wastage!). Other idea is arriving one half hour earlier everyday and do a “guerrilla declutter” but I don’t know if it’s worthy to waste my time to clean after this grown woman’s mess.

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    Workplace Efficiency

    @ ataylor Thank you for your answer. I like the idea of using my unhappiness as a motivation. It worked before (same workplace, lower position on the pecking order). Unfortunately, it won’t work this time. But you’d given me an idea… my colleague said that if she gets pregnant (2nd child and she’s been trying) she won’t come back to work until the children are in school. Now, I just need to find ways to increase her fertility ๐Ÿ™‚
    For now I’m doing the guerrilla declutter every morning before starting work, before going for lunch and before leaving, just on my side of the worktop. Maybe I can inspire her (or embarrass her) into decluttering.

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