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    I have been making an effort to really scale down what is on my kitchen counter tops.

    1. Toaster Oven- use it more than the oven
    2. Cooking oils/salt/pepper in a lazy susan type thing
    3. crock with a few utensils next to the stove
    4. coffee pot
    5. Large butcher block knife holder
    6. another turning spice rack
    7. candle-sugar cookie scented

    oopsi forgot Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap on right of my sink. Refilled one of those Lysol no-touch soap dispensers with hand sanitizer, it’s on the left side of my sink.

    If we all came to your home, what would we see on your kitchen counters?

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Oh, no! These questions (the nightstand one, etc.) always get me into trouble, because I’m so bad at having a place for everything, tidying up, cleaning, etc.

    Here’s what’s there that belongs there:

    1) coffee grinder
    2) french press
    3) toaster
    4) five glass jars of grains/lentils

    But here’s the thing – there’s also some dirty dishes, a clean pot that doesn’t have a home, cereal, olive oil, and the base of my food processor. *sigh* When it is cleaned up, it looks lovely – but I have limited storage space and it can be tough to find homes for things. I am improving bit by bit. I spent a lot of time re-organizing my pantry (by which I mean the one cupboard I have for food – thus the reason the jars of grains live on the counter purposefully) and it “works” much better than it used to.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Stainless steel breadbox, shallow porcelain tray with salt, pepper, oils etc, shiny crock with utensils and a toaster.
    I have quite alot of counter space,luckily.
    Also on the non-food area counter- wooden turquoise tray for purse, wallet, keys, and a file holder with bins for pens/pencils etc.
    A jade plant.
    Orchid on the island counter.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    1) small bear coin bank
    2) Apple/Banana/Potato/Onion corner holder
    3) box of Kleenex
    4) magic bullet blender
    5) stone trivet

    Every night before bed I make sure my counter tops are organized, having clean open horizontal surfaces makes me feel good.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Jumping right in as I start back on the uncluttering.

    Spice Cake (cooling)
    Cream Cheese Frosting (for the cake)
    Piggy Bank
    Small tray containing my meds
    Microwave with kitchen scale & salt/pepper on top of it
    Red utensil holder with (5) utensils
    Cutlery block containing knives
    Hand soap at sink
    Iron Man Pez dispenser

    The cake and frosting will be delivered to a coworker tomorrow, the rest stays. Yes, even Iron Man, for now.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    I don’t have much of counter space but I have tons of storage space. Go figure. So on the counters by the sink:
    A ceramic container with some utensils in it: spoons, spatulas etc.
    electric kettle
    dish soap and sponge

    Next to the stove: (two trivets to hold hot pots)
    A bottle of cooking wine
    A spoon rest

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    toaster oven
    crock with cooking utensils
    4 piece canister set
    cutting board
    paper towel holder
    coffee pot
    bread box
    mason jar with dog treats
    large bowl of bread dough, rising

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Currently all my most-used appliances are crammed into an itty bitty square of countertop, and will be spread out a bit once I get the cupboards up on the other side of the kitchen. Currently there’s a food processor, a toaster and an electric kettle sitting there, plus a stainless steel bin with some dry goods and a tin full of bag clips, pens, pencils and scissors.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Hmmm, this is pretty easy

    On the left side of stove (longest counter)
    recipe box
    ceramic jar with utensils
    glass jar with pencils/pens
    sometimes a bottle of wine πŸ™‚
    fruit bowl (currently bing cherries and bananas)

    On the right of stove, which is a corner between the stove and sink
    coffee pot
    coffee grinder
    kitchenaid mixer
    dish soap/hand soap/sponge

    To the right of the sink is the dishwasher which has a wood top with a built-in knife rack. The only other thing there is the compost container.

    We’re pretty good at keeping the counters cleaned off.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Oh god, this is not good πŸ™ I do have quite a lot of work surface…
    Coffee corner: 2 espresso machines, 1 of which dh bought for his office but has brought into the kitchen because it’s a pod one which is fast to use first thing, but to me the coffe is horrible), proper espresso machine, bean grinder, kettle, tea, sugar and sugar cube tins. Maybe the tea and sugar could migrate to the cupboard above.
    Condiment corner: spice rack, salt and pepper in a wooden thingy. Olive oil in a pourer. The spice rack could actually go in the larder, however that corner is pretty unusable anyway. Toaster, scales (they look nice and I use them a lot), sandwich maker which really belong in the cupboard underneath.
    Stationery corner: pens, school notes etc stuck to cork boards, post its, sticky tape, that sort of thing. Plus a mail sorter where mail which needs keeping is put till the thing’s full and I file it elsewhere. This corner needs lots of attention, it gets very unruly, especially as it’s near the bin and dh is *incapable* of ever putting anything in there. And when he does it’s always recyclable stuff so I have to fish it out again…
    Fruit bowl corner, where the fruit lives, and tomatoes, garlic, avocados for ripening etc. This corner misbehaves too. I spotted some vases there which certainly don’t belong, and fruit squash dh leaves there but belongs in the larder. I think a little tidy is in order today πŸ™‚

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    toaster next to refrig., then knife block
    around the corner next to sink, can opener and, in corner, coffee maker
    phone on other side of stove, sometimes with banana holder

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Hmm, I have rather a lot at the moment. The permant stuff is
    Paper towl holder
    Wine (ahem)
    Dog food thawing out
    Dog supplements etc
    Pepper grinder
    Kitchen aid
    Tv (unused, needs moving)
    Coffee machine
    Wasn’t up stuff – brushes, liquid, handwash, cloths, sponges etc
    Banana tree and fruit bowl

    And a random selection of laptops/phones/chargers etc

    ETA Washing up stuff, not wasn’t up stuff…iPads!

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Lottielot – a corner that misbehaves! Perfect! hahaha!

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    On the counter with the sink: electric kettle, dish soap, hand soap, dish rack, toaster.

    On the counter with the stove: crock of cooking utensils, tray with salt/pepper/olive oil, big stand mixer, bowl of fruit, microwave, cutting board.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    My kitchen’s a bit of a mess right now so a full confession would have to include … on the cooktop wall, coffeemaker; 2 cloth napkins from last night; box of lighter matches (which we don’t even need now that the igniter switch has been fixed); timer.

    On the sink wall, empty wine bottle; three wine glasses; Crock-Pot soaking for a wash tonight; three ceramic trivets in a stack beneath a drippings jar; soap dispenser; towel; “souvenir” bottle of Deco water I really need to chuck out; butter dish; scissors; several varieties of chocolate.

    When I get all tidy and proper with the kitchen, the sink wall counters will have nothing on them but the trivets, soap dispenser, and butter dish. I don’t have much counter space so I really do try to keep these clear.

    ETA: I have a ton of storage, which makes up for the crappy counters. Paper-towel + tissue box holder is mounted on the wall, as are my spice racks. πŸ™‚

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    I only have things that I use everyday on the counter-top:

    4 canisters with breakfast cereals and bars in them
    small smoothie blender
    can opener
    crock-pot trio
    cutting board

    Now this is not to say that my lovely husband doesn’t add things occasionally…today I woke up to find a pair of pliers on the counter…I don’t know why.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    A lot of stuff, I do have a big kitchen, I think it’s corners have a tendency to become unruly like lotties.

    Toaster, kettle, food processor, food mixer, bread maker,veg basket, jar of teabags, breadboard and knife, cutting boards, various oils and vinegars,salt jar, pepper grinder, big jars of rice and pasta, cookbook holder, pots of growing herbs, dishwashing things, veg scrubbing brush, teapot, butter dish, scales with imperial and metric weights, fruit bowl, red wine in wine rack,glass and aluminium foil and batteries recycling bins, TV, clothespeg bags, stack of file trays for In & Action & Filing,3 pots with pens & pencils & markers, finally things trying to get to the garage or garden shed.

    I excuse it because I regard the kitchen as a work area and I want my tools and the supplies I use everyday out and available to grab without obstruction. I still have enough counter tops to work on but I do have to shove it around to clean the surfaces. I wonder how I’d cook if everything was stored away in cupboards?

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    i have a lot of kitchen counter and i do a lot of food preparation.
    on the counters, going clockwise around the kitchen, i have:
    food processor
    oils and vinegars and cooking booze (currently five types of oil, four types of vinegar, dry sherry, cognac, red wine)
    salt and pepper
    trivets and spoon rest
    citrus press
    big doorway into living room
    tea caddies
    coffee gear
    a tray with teapot on it
    electric kettle
    vitamix blender
    washing up area with big window shelf above it, with several copper pots that contain sink plugs and scrubbers, and a restrained quantity of sentimental tchotchkes (a photo, inherited buddha, 2 bizarre metal things from bali, a tiny enamelled teapot that was a gift)
    compost bucket
    fridge, door into bedroom
    vegetable juicer
    mortar and pestle
    jars of seeds for sprouting
    a couple of containers of loose change
    flour mill
    fruit and vegetable platter

    on the walls are shelves with pots and pans and cookbooks (ruthlessly pared) and most of my kitchen tools hang from hooks.

    it really is the most cluttery-looking busy room in the house!
    but i am pretty good at getting rid of unused equipment. everything i have is in frequent use and i am always re-assessing.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Hoo boy, let’s see. Starting with the shortest counter near the stove:

    Bread crock
    Baker’s timer
    Ceramic crock with utensils
    Salt cellar
    Pepper mill
    Olive oil jar

    The big L-shaped counter:

    The landline phone
    Two flour jars
    Four tall glass pasta jars
    Mortar and pestle
    Butter bell with knife
    Garlic cellar

    Above the sink are the framed-in remains of two large windows (the addition was added in the mid ’70s); on the shelves there:

    Dishwasher tablets
    Dish soap
    Compost crock and liners
    Folded dish drainer
    Hand soap dispenser
    Bottle of Clorox cleanser: I handle meat and the Grey Elder Statescat is senile and can’t be kept off the counters at night, as that section of the house is open-plan; I spray down the worksurfaces and sink after washing up and before I start cooking.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    I have a tiny kitchen (it’s on one wall of our general living area).

    1.) Coffee maker, grinder, 2 jars of beans, 1 jar of brown sugar
    2.) Olive oil, coconut oil, salt & pepper
    3.) Wooden bowl that holds garlic, onions, & potatoes
    4.) Blender & a stack of bananas
    5.) Dish soap, sponges, handsoap
    6.) Empty water bottles (for refilling)
    7.) Microwave (on top of which are kept recipe card box, mug of pens, and basket of meds)

    We keep a magnetic knife holder and a trivet on the wall, and I have 2 goofy decorative cat salt & pepper shakers that live on the back of the stove. (they make me feel happy)

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    I cannot wait to get home and clean up my kitchen now. πŸ™‚

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    After this thread, I completely blitzed the worktops πŸ™‚ Put away anything which isn’t used daily, rejigged all the crap round coffee corner and made my unruly corner cower. The joys of unstructured procrastination πŸ™‚

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    toaster oven (tucked away in odd little corner), knife block, tea towels with things drying on them, little stone dish with hand soap and sponge sitting in it, coffee maker, six bottle wine-rack

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    i forgot to even mention the couple of jars of lacto-fermenting vegetables that are currently on the go.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    My worktops look lovely now, with very little effort. Thank you for this thread, this was one of those nudges I needed πŸ™‚

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    I was thinking mine aren’t too bad, but hmmm… it will make a long list.

    Counter between pantry and kitchen sink:

    – Fruit bowl
    – Two smaller bowls holding garlic (they’re wedding gifts and I wanted to actually use them)
    – Small kitchen scales
    – Container holding prescriptions, receipts and bits of paper

    Between the sink and stove:

    – Electric kettle (gets used many many times per day)
    – Toaster
    – Container for scraps for the compost bin
    – Teabag holder
    – Salt
    – Pepper
    – Several medications and vitamins (it’s the ONLY way we remember to take them if they’re next to where we make breakfast)
    – Metal ruler

    Counter between stove and refrigerator:

    – Microwave (which has cling wrap, alfoil, baking paper and a microwave dish cover on top)
    – Paper towel on a vertical metal holder (gets used daily)
    – Tardis cookie jar
    – Cook book (temporarily there)
    – Carb-counting cook
    – Vase
    – Decorations from our wedding cake
    – Bento box

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Tidying up those countertops was my Saturday morning project. MUCH better now. There’s just nothing like being forced to confront our dark corners, eh?

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    L-shaped kitchen here, starting from the window:
    countertop with small area for dumping things momentarily (onion basket, crock of utensils, utensil holder when cooking, frame with weekly menu, oil, vinegar, salt mill, pepper mill, salt flakes and kitchen scale frequently in use while shipping jewellery as well),
    countertop with larger working area (and tomato bowl, coffee machine, espresso machine + coffee capsules in the corner),
    countertop turns (nothing stored),
    countertop with most space (and fruit bowl, few miscellaneous crap that need to go away, and occasionally the Mountain of Dishes).

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    @Serendipity – I’m envious of your Tardis cookie jar. How many dozens of cookie will it hold?

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Sometimes it is nice and neat! Sometimes it is a mess, like right now! LOL! Usually I have a Big Berkey at one end, a drain board and dish holder and soap dispenser next to the sink, two pottery crocks with utensils, a pottery sugar bowl, a coffee grinder, a toaster, a microwave, and a coffee pot on the stove. Sometimes there is a cast iron skillet on the stove. Right now, I have some dried out cilantro plants on the counter, so I can get the seeds and some tomatoes from my garden. I currently need to go wash the dishes, so I will finish this post and be on my way.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Oh, I forgot the bowl of cherries! πŸ™‚

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Mixer, rice cooker, microwave, cutting board, utensil jar, spice jars that need to be refilled cheaply at my food co-op, spice grinder, used tea leaf container, paper towels, AND

    a lidded container lined with a plastic bag. This is for food refuse that I won’t throw in the kitchen garbage directly. If I put the banana peels and eggshells and the like in the bag, and tie it up before I dispose of it, I keep down smells and roaches. If I had a worm bin I might compost it, but no bin, so … bags.

    There’s a whole lot of stuff on top of the microwave — is that ON the counter?

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Dish drainer, dish soap, little bowl and sponge (I dilute soap with hot water so need to open the tap just for rinsing)
    Kettle, toaster and Britta.
    Vase with spatulas, wood spoon, whisker and ladle
    Glass mat with olive oil, grapeseed oil, vine vinegar and aceto balsamico
    Large wood chopping board and knife block
    Wine rack
    Cooking books.

    I used to have many other things but having a cat that walks on the counters when nobody is looking made me reduce most I can.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    This is the area where I really strive to keep it as uncluttered as I got it a few weeks ago. I have a big kitchen and a good amount of counter space but I really like it clear.

    On the island, I have a very large pitcher and urn, decorative only. this is the hardest spot to keep clutter free because mail and papers tend to gather here.

    One small counter has a ceramic jar thingy. This area also is sometimes home to my purse.

    Near the stove is a pottery plate on a metal stand. On the stove is a teapot. By the stove is a long stretch of counter which is my main workspace and now clear.

    On the small counter near the fridge is my Keurig coffee maker and a ceramic cream pitcher and sugar bowl.

    A stone paper towel holder is by the sink.

    A large stretch of counter has the convection/toaster oven, a ceramic pitcher and a small vase of flowers which will soon be put away.

    That’s it! I found space to put away all of the other appliances, tools, etc.

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    MT Home

    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    What’s on my countertop? A knife block and a paper towel roll.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    I think this thread appeared as a memo to me to clean up the kitchen. I have little counter space so most of this doesn’t belong there but rarely gets put away.

    On the countertops:
    Dishwasher soap
    Dish sponge and bowl
    Dish soap for handwashing
    Dish dry rack
    Microwave (cutting board and trays stored on top)
    French press
    Mini Cuisinart
    Coffee grinder
    Vase-thing (what are these called?) that holds spatulas and utensils
    Water bottle awaiting filling with tomorrow’s tea

    Permanent resident of the stove: teakettle

    On the open part of the cabinetry adjacent to the kitchen:
    Coffee canister
    Tea boxes + canisters
    …Empty packaging from coffee grinder… (I know. Getting rid of it now.)

    I definitely need to pay more attention to the state of the kitchen. It’s the room I spend the least amount of time in, so it gets neglected and cluttery.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    My microwave and a nice turqouise tray with my toaster on it (pretty AND easier to clean). Sometimes my cheese cutter will be on the tray too.

    The dishwashing liquid is on top of the sink with the brush.

    That’s it. πŸ™‚

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Hi, on my kitchen counters, I have an alarm clock, a toaster and a kettle.
    I posted pictures here if you are interested: my minimalist kitchen.


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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Yowza Marie – that is quite an accomplishment! I love how you’ve used your cabinet space so effectively.

    We have a larger kitchen with plentiful cabinets and drawers. Our counters are a sort of rough tile with grouting, which takes extra time to wipe clean, therefore I keep nothing on them except the fruit bowl and a decorative toy tin stove. When DF is here we bring out his little coffee maker and toaster. In past homes, I’ve had a few more things out on the counters, but I am really enjoying always having the counters clear and ready for food prep now. I used to hate cleaning under countertop appliances.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Marie…Love how done your kitchen spaces.

    Here is mine it is from 2011 but I don’t change my decor very often. My kitchen is 16ft X 28ft No overhead cabinets except for the bread thingy, and not that much counter space at all. I would be happy if it stayed as clean as this picture, but on a daily basis….it don’t.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    momwalker – I love having a table in the kitchen. I haven’t had that in years, but it was terrific when we did πŸ™‚ Luckily it was when the kids were little and I could sit them at the table with coloring or Lego while I cooked.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    it’s beautiful, momwalker!

    On my countertops, there are half-gallon jars of water for using when the dishwasher is hooked up, the compost container, a vase and a canister of utensils, and a soap dish with soap, a scrubbie, & my veg brush in it.

    But that’s kind of cheating, because there’s a table over where the electrical outlets are that currently has the food dehydrator, the Sodastream, the electric pencil sharpener, and the coffeepot on it.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Lovely kitchen, momwalker!
    My work surface has a new addition: a mosaic bowl bought as a souvenir with blue and green little shiny tiles. I love it, it’s almost too beautiful to cover with fruit πŸ™‚ Another 2 bowls will be donated, somehow I had about 4.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Thanks, lifekeepshappening and momwalker1966! I love what you did with your kitchen too! I wouldn’t worry about it not being picture perfect all the time, though.

    You know, I do put stuff on the counter sometimes, like empty milk bottles for instance, and every few days, when I have enough, I put them in a recycling bag and dispose of them. (Weird system here where they only pick up recyclables on Thursdays, don’t ask…)
    I think the point is for it to be 100% clean every so often, and just a little “lived in” the rest of the time!

    I actually have a similar story with my (now simple) bathroom (I don’t have a before picture, but imagine 10 bottles of shampoo, shower gel, etc before). I try to keep it clear by putting the extra bottles out of sight in the cabinet under the sink, but once in a while I want a different shampoo so it ends up next to the other one and clutter comes back a bit. As long as it’s just a bit I think it should be OK.

    The point is too keep it clear as much as possible!

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    cutting board
    paper towel holder
    coffee pot
    vegetable juicer
    Well many things keep changing.

    Nice kitchen momwalker, which kitchen cabinets have you installed??

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Thanks everyone.
    @jannereeves- The base sink set was all that was in the kitchen 25+ years ago. None of them match and all are old. We priced having new kitchen cabinets installed and it was several thousands of $’s. So I pieced this set together from different sources, painted the same color, added the matching counter tops(closeout find at Home Depot) and replaced all the handles to try to make them go together better. My dad had the wall units, so we bolted them to the wall and trimmed them out so that they would look more “built in”. Here is the other wall unit that is to the back of where I took the above pictures. After some de-cluttering of course.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    marie and momwalker….nice kitchens!

    well, i have always maintained that my kitchen is a workspace and i have lots of different food projects on the go at all times (yoghurt, vinegar, fermented vegetables, sprouts, bread, cordials) and we rarely eat out when not travelling, so it is the least-minimal area of our home.
    however, there is clutter-creep of late (it is clean, but cluttered, if i am being honest) …..and the bumping of this thread has inspired me to tackle it tomorrow morning.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Lottielot, where are you??? Busy with your kiddos and your thesis work?
    Hope all is well!

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Where is our lottie?

    I have shifted things a bit: after a clean-out, there was space in the pantry and the pasta jars are now in there. I’ve noticed I bake a LOT less than I used to, and am experimenting with keeping less flour in the house (2 pounds rather than 5). That fits neatly into a 2l Fido jar, which goes in the cabinet with the rest. The former containers are in an unused cupboard while I test this, but if it works they’ll go to consignment.

    Discussion is under way about moving the Kitchenaid mixer to the pantry, under cover, but that’s not gaining much traction yet.

    The Sodastream Penguin is on the small counter by the cooker; the booze and flavored syrups live in the cabinet above it with the cocktail and wine glasses.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    marie132, took a look at your blog–nice work!

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    We don’t really keep much on the counters. Our Kife set, toaster oven, spice rack and toaster.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    I have three kitchen counters (one short and two long) and they hold:

    Fruit bowl
    Glass jars of flour, white sugar, brown sugar, coffee, dried beans
    Knife block
    Olive oil
    Organizer for dish soap and brushes
    Coffee maker
    In-box for mail
    Mug with pens/pencils/Sharpies

    And…a small pile of junk I need to go through. Embarrassing, but true!

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    i have spent most of the morning on my kitchen.
    it was sorely overdue.
    i have roped in a few metal trays from the workshop to help corral things.
    i now have a metal tray holding toaster, bread, butter, sea salt jar, and pepper grinder.
    there is a metal tray holding the oils and vinegars……i make vinegar and we eat a lot of salad and i never buy vinaigrette, SO we tend to have a few kinds of oils hanging around at all times. this is ok in my book, they are all being used.
    and one more metal tray is holding all the tea and coffee stuff in one place.
    it looks much tidier and BONUS….it is easier to clean.

    tonight’s mission is to clean out the two large shelves beneath the kitchen island.
    i might even get a couple more trays to hold all the empty rocco fido glass jars and lids.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    and woohoo!
    kitchen island has been emptied, organised, cleaned.
    that freed up quite a lot of room, so i have stashed the juicer parts and the citrus press on the bottom shelf.
    then i went through the pantry….sorted, cleaned and tossed only two things.
    the whole thing has given me a lot more bench space and some mental space as well.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Nice work, no one can say you have painted them by yourself. I agree having new kitchen cabinets installed can cost several thousands but you can also go for ready to assemble kitchen cabinets and install them by yourself. The wall unit is beautiful..

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    I like those cabinets, momwalker!

    For content:
    I have a decently sized galley kitchen. A lot of counter and storage space, but slightly odd setup because of the narrow shape.

    On the left counter (half-size counter, fridge/pantry side):
    Coffee maker
    small ceramic dish for rings etc.

    On the right counter (stove/sink side):
    2 round containers of utensils next to the stove
    spoon cozy on top of the stove
    paper towel holder next to the sink
    soap at the sink corner
    small dish rack on the other side of the sink
    knife block in the prep area

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Way to go Bandicoot on getting all that work done in your kitchen, and everyone else. It looks like most that have posted lately have their kitchens pretty and orderly.

    Thanks everyone, just now seeing all the compliments on my kitchen. I have always wondered when people come into my kitchen if they can tell I have just put parts and pieces together.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    momwalker, if the parts are pieces are clean, orderly and functional, then it sounds like a perfect kitchen to me!
    i find a charm in things that aren’t matchy matchy, anyway. they seem more real to me.

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    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    My little kitchenette is only 7.5 feet, along one wall of this studio apartment. That length includes counter, cooktop, and sink. Of necessity, I use the counter space for things that don’t fit in the drawers, but I try to keep it tidy and efficient.

    This is the first place I’ve lived without a view from the kitchen window, in fact without any window at all, which made the sink corner feel tight and claustrophobic. So I hung a platter with a landscape view. πŸ™‚

  • #224068


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    I just did a passive pantry clean-out tonight before spotting this post, so much of what is on my counter is close-to-expiration food that I am determined to eat in the next week.

  • #224107


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Oh, no- this post made me realize how much I need to get my act together! :)-

    The countertops were pretty good until we got married four month ago. I went from having just one appliance on the counter (coffee maker- used every day), to having a deep fryer (DH’s), new toaster oven (won’t fit in the cabinet like the old one did, griddler, stand mixer, soda stream, 5 different bread packages (DH’s doing), a bottle of wine (that one’s all me!), work papers (I prefer to use my laptop in the kitchen, and the paperwork trail follows…)

    I can fit 3 of the big, bulky appliances into a large pantry-like cabinet, if I get new shelves for it… the wheels are turning!

  • #224115


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Ella, your kitchen is beautiful! I love your blue and white china.

  • #224117


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Agreed. Ella, I loved how each item is placed with care and is of obvious quality. Is the flat surface with the open book at counter height (i.e., can you use for food prep)? Reminds me how I really need a salt box – my step-mother always used one and I loved to watch her cook and also have good memories of her making espresso.

  • #224139

    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    @Ella- Love your Kitchenette! It looks so neat and tidy. Is that a folding drying rack on the sink? It looks like the one I have, I love mine.

  • #224145


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    ella- great use of space it holds a lot yet does not seem cluttery. tiny kitchens are such a challenge. and I have the same dish rack as you and momwalker lol

  • #224161


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Yes, I love my dish rack, it’s very gentle on fine china and crystal.

    canuckeh: That surface in the foreground is my sideboard, formerly against the wall in the dining room of my last home. Here it’s been repurposed as a room divider, because I didn’t want my bed spang in the middle of the cooking area. This gives me some psychological separation and creates a narrow galley kitchen of sorts. That extra surface is very useful… that is, when it’s not covered with piles of books and papers! The six drawers face the kitchen side and give me space for storing linens and silverware. Underneath, baskets and antique firkins hold various stuff. The back side forms the support for back cushions when my bed (which is single/twin size) is made up to resemble a divan.

    The distance from the kichen counter to the far window wall is 11 feet (gee, I just now measured it… all this time I thought it was 12 feet). The walls are closing in!!!

  • #224163


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Ella, is your studio 7.5′ X 11′? Or do you have other rooms? It is adorable.

  • #224164


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    There’s an extra foot beyond the left end of the kitchen wall, plus a 16-foot hallway lined with bookshelves. The bathroom is 6 by 6.5 feet, with tub/shower in an alcove. Snug is the word. It would be roomier if only I would lose some more weight! πŸ˜›

  • #224171


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    Ella, that is definitely a snug space! You must be very disciplined for it to look the way it does. I imagine a space that small could get out of control quickly.

  • #229923


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    ella, i missed your kitchen photos when you posted them…but i saw them, thanks to the bump by our spammer williamsmith.
    you have lovely things and everything is in it’s immaculate place.
    it makes me think of a luxurious little boat!

  • #231337


    What's on your Kitchen counters?

    I’ve just done a radical declutter of my kitchen bench, verging on the border of minimalism, lol. All I have on there is my electric kettle and a pump bottle of hand wash. I also now wash and put away dishes as I go, so that it stays clean.

    While I was at it, I threw out all my spices (most were actually past their expiry date) , and anything in my pantry I knew I would probably not use.

    My kitchen area is tiny, just a bench really in the living room, including one small sink, a 4 burner electric cook top and a small space in between, fridge placed to one side. One tiny overhead compartment is my pantry, and another similar sized compartment houses my cups, plates, glasses and bowls. Cupboard above the fridge houses a microwave, waste of space if you ask me, with a shelf above it. 4 drawers and that’s it for storage for me.

  • #231348


    ChiFlower–Your method sounds very much like mine. How are you handling being “done”? Are you doing the rest of your rooms, too, the same way? Best wishes.

  • #231412


    liag – It feels absolutely amazing. It’s so rewarding as every time I look at my kitchen area I feel relaxed – not stressed like before.

    I would like to get the rest of the house done as well, but that’s a work in progress. My bedroom is not so bad, but some other areas as still chaos, lol. The kitchen is a complete turnaround from how it was before, but I couldn’t stand it any longer, hehe.

  • #234418

    Lauren Addis

    As my kitchen is small. so I used to store most of the items in the cabinets which utilizes the space. But there are some items like sink on left side of kitchen, toaster oven, Coffee machine, dish drying rack etc.

  • #234421


    A lot “goes on” on our tiny kitchen counters – planting, crafts, cooking, stashing, mail sorting. What is supposed to be there: breakfast and snack corner in boxes and baskets as enter kitchen, (Usually a bunch of DH’s mail and papers/ stuff for recycle bin as well.) Counter over dishwasher ideally has nothing( often dishes from the day for washing when dishwasher is full/needs emptying); sink has hand and dish soap, sponge/scrubber and bowl; to the right of that is the dish rack for hand wash, meat and veg cutting boards, 2 crocks of utensils (little cupboard or drawer space) knife block/sharpener and toaster oven. Space is very tight and I laugh at how often I am chopping veg on the 12 inches of counter in front of the dish rack. Microwave with tea set up is on a baker’s rack in breakfast nook with grandmom’s old kitchen table. I love the enamel top. It is busy, but all has a place and generally all is getting used regularly. We have whittled away at large amount of family china, gift mugs and glassware, so that all now fits neatly into the cabinets when all dishes are done. That was a big accomplishment over the past 2 years.

  • #234429


    What on your Kitchen counters?

    On my kitchen counter I have microwave oven , cooking utensils, blender, electric kettle ,mixer, dish rack and other useful items used for cooking purpose.

  • #234595


    hmm on mine
    toaster, microwave, smoothie maker, knives and towels…the essentials I would say

  • #234597


    Microwave, slow cooker, utensil canister, toaster and food processor.

  • #234603


    Microwave, toaster, rice cooker, paper towel holder & towels, filtering water pitcher, and drying area for hand washed items (miscellaneous dishes).

  • #313083

    Alexandria Friedman

    I’m not in front of it to look right now (I’m writing this at my lunch at work, shhh!) but I know I have:

    Toaster Oven
    Countertop lazy Susan for hot sauce and such (my husband is a fanatic!)
    Butter dish (we leave it out – you know, like the French!)
    Paper towel rack

    And I’m sure a few other things I’m missing, but we do try to keep a lot of our counter/breakfast nook free for cooking and the like – luckily I have a lot of pantry and cabinet space, so that helps a lot too!

  • #314485

    Joseph Payne

    Hi there, we have toaster, oven, stove, teabag and many more.

  • #314570


    We have a LOT on display so I try to keep everything at least attractive!

    Microwave; handmade cutting board; cookbooks; scale; wide slot toaster; terracotta onion jar and garlic jar; KitchenAid mixer; Cuisinart; electric kettle; Lucite cookbook holder; vintage copper roasting pan to corral cookbooks, espresso pot, olive oils; egg timer; utensil jar; black pepper grinder, white pepper grinder, truffle salt; NutriBullet; coffeemaker, coffee grinder; can opener; tea canisters; cafΓ© au lait bowl with sponges; hand soap, dish soap, hand lotion; ironstone soap dish; paper towels; wrought iron dish drainer

    On upper counter: 3-tier French wire fruit basket; green Majolica salad bowl; glass butter dish; soy candle, ceramic teapot; deviled egg dish; catch-all tray; MacKenzie-Childs vase

  • #314618

    Hazel Hain

    I have a toaster, microwave oven, cooking range, water purifier, spoon stand, kitchen towel, Tissue box etc

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