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    I’m looking for knobs and pulls for my kitchen cabinets.
    I like the look of some oil-rubbed bronze finishes, but I’m hesitant about choosing because of a bad experience with a faux finish.
    I’m not looking for something particularly high end, but I’d like something with a convincing finish that doesn’t rub off with use.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Low expense metal or plastic options may possibly look like a fantastic way to reduce down on cost, this can also lead to future repairs or replacements.

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    Hi Rob It depends upon your budget as well. If you are looking for the luxurious stuff for your kitchen you must go for IKEA. you would find many good stuff there, moreover go for the stuff which is easily available in your native place.

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    Alexandria Friedman

    I agree with the last post! I’m a big IKEA fan myself and they have some pretty fair prices and durable stuff. But if it’s just hardware you need, you might want to just try a hardware store – plastic handles and hinges and stuff are pretty common and inexpensive, and they’ll last you as long as you need (so long as you’re gentle!)

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    Gerard Irizarry

    Well, that totally depends on what fits your budget. But I would like to say that in a recent kitchen cabinet and hardware replacement project at my friend’s home, she got some real classy knobs and pulls installed on her cabinets from the people who made them. You can visit the site and see it for yourself. I hope this will be helpful to others.

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    Hazel Hain

    At first, make a budget. Then list the item that you want to buy.
    I am also in need of help from you guys. Recently, I bought a partly constructed brick house. The main reason for opting a brick house is that it is easy to maintain. Since bricks are noncombustible, they don’t spread fire easily. Bricks also add an extra layer of storm protection. I have to install entry doors and windows to the house. I actually don’t know what type of windows can be installed in brick houses. Can someone help me with your suggestions?

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      Brick homes use the same type of window as any other home. We bought ours through Home Depot because they have a really good warranty that carries over to the next owner should we decide to move. There are a lot of options out there. Do some research and find the one that’s best for you.

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