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    I’ve got some VHS and Super8 tapes I want digitized/converted to DVD, and no I don’t want to do it myself. There are oodles of online services to do this, anyone have experience with them or have recommendations?

    I ultimately want them on a hard drive, but I don’t mind getting the material on a DVD and importing it on the computer. I no longer own a VHS player, etc etc.

    A brief google search led me to several options. https://archivalcompany.com/ seemed the best from my initial search.

    Muchas gracias!


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    VHS to DVD online services

    Thanks for that link! I have a couple of things I could certainly send to them!

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    VHS to DVD online services


    Here is a previous posting about this topic.

    I used Photo Archival company last fall and was pleased with their service.

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    VHS to DVD online services

    Thanks! I had searched the forums but failed to find that early posting. I’m glad to see that Photo Archival has an endorsement.

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