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    I’ve been cluttering up my wardrobe for years with “I wish” items. (I’ve put on a fair amount of weight over the years. Meh.) This weekend, I decided I’d had enough – I have the smallest bedroom in the house, so space is valuable where I can eke it out.

    On top of my wardrobe, for two years, I’ve kept two large plastic storage boxes full of clothes. On Saturday, I donated half of the clothes to the charity shop, so now I have an empty box.

    It surprised me to find that I’d actually forgotten I had quite a few of the clothes. Well, if I didn’t remember having them, then obviously I didn’t need them, so they got donated.
    Some of them were nice enough, but not my style snymore. Others were blue (I HATE blue, I never wear it now if I can help it), so they were donated purely on that basis.
    Replaceable things especially got donated. If I lose weight, it will not be hard to buy a new pair of jeans when I need them; in the meantime, I do not need 3 pairs that don’t fit cluttering up my wardrobe. Plain coloured tops got donated too.

    It feels good to have more space in my wardrobe now, for clothes that actually fit and suit me. (I continued decluttering the wardrobe as well as the boxes.)
    I’ve stopped buying clothes that don’t fit me this year, which has helped. The more clothes I bought that didn’t fit me, that I convinced myself would fit “one day”, the less space I had for clothes that actually fit.

    My uncluttering isn’t that much compared to some people on here, but I’m making progress and feeling good!

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    Uncluttering my wardrobe 🙂

    Good Job!
    I really think that getting rid of what doesn’t work for you at the moment allows for things that DO work for you to appear…keep up the good work!

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    Uncluttering my wardrobe 🙂

    Nice work, boxroom! The clothes thing is a very common issue for people, so no need to diminish the impact of your success. It’s a real thorn in many of our sides.

    On a weird/hilarious note, I had a stress dream the other night about some clothes I’d decluttered months ago. In the dream, I was angry that I had gotten rid of a red skirt. I wanted to wear it because it fit again, even though I have no desire to wear it in waking life and am glad to be rid of it.

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    Uncluttering my wardrobe 🙂

    It was a good day, the day I realized I am perfectly happy to wear a “uniform” to work. Now the dancing side of my closet is a riot, but the “daily life” side is quite serene. 🙂

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    Uncluttering my wardrobe 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. 🙂

    Chacha1, I completely understand!
    I also wear a “uniform” of sorts to work. I have my “work” clothes and my “own” clothes in my wardrobe, and it feels good to know what I’m wearing to work. I feel it also helps my productivity, as I’m not fussing about my outfit, or my hair, or whatever else. My work clothes are rather utilitarian and plain (but smart), but it makes it so much easier to just get on with my job when I know my clothes are smart and my hair is tied back out the way.

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    Uncluttering my wardrobe 🙂

    Well done boxroom.
    Accepting the size and shape you are and not buying clothes for your ‘fantasy slimmer self’ will make your life and wardrobe easier to cope with. If you do become smaller then get clothes then from the money you haven’t spent on the fantasy.
    I too found adopting a ‘work’ wardrobe simplified my mornings and laundry day organisation.

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    I’ve attempted putting out clothes the night before, sometimes 3 or 4 days’ worth. Inevitably the weather (or my contrariness) means that in the morning I don’t want to wear them. (BTW – it’s Scotland so the weather is a genuine excuse as we can have three different weather systems in one day and none of them match the previous day’s weather report!)

    What HAS helped is grouping my clothes by colour and then type. It’s a bit complicated to start but it means I easily find the brown skirt or grey trousers I want and also makes it easier to find something to go with them or to notice that there’s a gap in the wardrobe and then I can buy what I actually need and not just guess and end up with three things almost the same and nothing useful!

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    Researching on De-cutter tips usually suggest that cleaning our closets should done on regular basis ,not once a year, but it is impossible for all of us as we are working and we even didn’t get the appropriate time to look into our wardrobe.But I try to organize it whenever got some free time .

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    I try to do regular clothing decluttering when I am putting away my laundry. Maybe just one drawer at a time – or one section of a closet. For instance, while I was putting away clean workout clothing, I finally came to terms that there are some tops I just don’t wear anymore to work out. So I put them in my goodwill bag. The following week – I went through my jeans drawer and removed a pair that had developed a hole in the crotch. Sentimental attachment finally dissipated and I tossed them.

    I also do the decluttering when I do the seasonal clothing changeout. I come to terms with the things I didn’t wear much over the past 2 years. And I come to terms with the things I stored that I should have tossed but didn’t. I may not get rid of *everything* I should – but as long as a bag or two gets filled up during the seasonal changeout – I know I’m keeping things under control…

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    Sentimentality is my hardest obstacle when decluttering clothes…my mother is a talented seamstress and makes beautiful things for me. Even if something no longer fits or doesn’t suit my lifestyle any longer, it pains me to dispose of something she made by hand just for me.

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    Perhaps she would like to have those items back to make into something else? Or if you sew or craft they’d make a nice patchwork quilt which would let you keep the memory/

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