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    Bobby pins– you love them, you hate them, and unless you have a cute Aubrey Hepburn haircut you probably use them. They also probably fly all over your bathroom, in the drawers, on the counters, in the cabinets.

    I wanted to share with y’all the perfect cost-effective (free, for me) way to store bobby pins in a way that’s easier to get at them without just keeping them all in a big bowl.

    Empty McCormick spice bottles! The holes are the perfect size to shake bobby pins out; load them open side down into the bottle and shake away anytime you need a pin.

    (see photos on my flickr:)
    1. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2524/4398983182_725593720f_m.jpg
    2. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2680/4398216061_c5cc70b1fe_m.jpg
    3. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4050/4398214721_1799eeab59_m.jpg

    For some reason this method actually makes me put my bobby pins away rather than using a bowl. Also, if you leave the lid off, you can easily get bobby pins out if you have one hand stuck to your head holding up your hair.

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    Ultimate Solution for Bobby Pins

    Nope no Audry Hepburn hair and no Bobbie pins. I just put it a pony tail and go. But I don’t work in an office or anything, just retail.

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    Ultimate Solution for Bobby Pins

    i am a freak who has never even owned a bobby pin in my life.
    i just don’t have the relevant kind of hair.
    but the spice jar is a great solution.

    actually, now i think about it, my hair is very uncluttered.
    i use shampoo and conditioner, a single comb for wet and a hairbrush for dry.
    i have the same hairbrush twice….one for home and a smaller one for travel….and i’ve owned them for over 20 years.
    i don’t use any product or a hair dryer and i’ve got dead straight hair that sits in it’s graduated bob in a well-behaved manner, when it is cut properly.

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    Ultimate Solution for Bobby Pins

    That’s a great idea! I keep ours in a teacup that has cracked a little too much for me to want to use it in the kitchen any more. But the spice bottle is portable!

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    Ultimate Solution for Bobby Pins

    I use small glass bowl from the kitchen for my hair clips. Hair ties are on a ring and that’s what I use regularly. Never tried a spice bottle though!

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    Ultimate Solution for Bobby Pins

    i loooooooved her hair in sabrina!
    my face isn’t small enough or cute enough for it though.
    more power to ya!.
    what a lovely simple style to keep looking just perfect at all times.

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    Ultimate Solution for Bobby Pins

    I have big and little bobby pins. My solutions for the large pins is an old pharmacy bottle, and the little ones came with their own case from Sally Beauty supply.

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    Ultimate Solution for Bobby Pins

    I use a small rectangular food storage container (with lid) for bobby pins (always need a few for when putting up one’s hair) and also barrettes.

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