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    Hi! With this new setup, it’s not very likely I can find my original post. A few months ago, I requested and received some ideas for organizing a fairly large amt. of shelved craft items, books, etc. while my spouse laid new flooring. Turns out, he had a rotator cuff tear, so our project is on indefinite hold. Except for making a small slit in one corner of a rug to check out the flooring underneath, we are very fortunate not to have everything torn apart during the lengthy recovery process.

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    Erin Doland
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    Thank you!! Did not come back to log in until today 11.13.2013 🙂

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    Hi GG, welcome back to the site. Best of luck to your DH and to you. Major surgery saps energy and will power, but keeping in touch here and even posting about the smaller things can keep you feeling like you are moving forward.

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