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    Does anyone know where I can find an attractive Twin XL trundle bed, or at the very least, plans to build one?

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    Twin XL Trundle Bed

    Do you just want a trundle bed, or a popup trundle (turns into a double bed?)

    For the trundles, you can get them anywhere – I actually think the Ikea ones are really cute. For popup trundles, I found them at a couple suburban furniture stores – I think Slumberland and Hom, maybe? But the cost was high – the only affordable popup trundles I found were just metal frames, not very attractive.

    We ended up just putting a new Queen in our guest room because the popup trundles that looked nice were more than we wanted to spend.

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    Twin XL Trundle Bed

    I don’t think Ikea makes Twin XL beds, much less Twin XL trundle beds.

    I am looking for a Twin ***XL*** trundle bed (or pop-up), not a standard Twin.

    Two Twin XLs together make a king (not a double or queen).

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    Twin XL Trundle Bed

    Pottery Barn sells twin XL with trundles (pbteen.com).

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