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    For those of you who work in an office environment, which snack foods do you like to keep around? I like to always have small tins of flavoured tuna on hand, as well as some miso soup packets, but I’m not really sure what else I could keep in my desk that keeps well, is cheap, uncluttered (i.e. doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, like a cereal box would) and isn’t too time-consuming to prepare. What do you guys have for snacks at work?

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    The quest for uncluttered work snacks

    wasabi peas.
    but they sometimes come in bags, so i kept a canister for my snack storage…remember bugs…

    pocky sticks

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    The quest for uncluttered work snacks

    trail mix
    unsalted organic almonds
    pretzels filled with peanut butter
    individual cups of applesauce
    dried apricots, raisins, prunes, apples
    protein bars

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    The quest for uncluttered work snacks

    Beef jerky
    Flavored almonds
    Glazed walnuts
    Dried cherries
    Crackers and nutella or peanut butter

    How is it no one has mentioned chocolate yet? Come on, be honest; you know you have some!

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    The quest for uncluttered work snacks

    I have with me at the moment
    – puffed corn (rather than popped?!)
    – one tin of tuna
    – rice or corn things for tuna or cheese
    – one tin of soup (justincase I don’t bring leftovers/don’t want to go out)
    – seaweed strips (yum!)
    – potato crackers (like normal crackers, just wheat free)
    – 1/4 camebert in the fridge (with the crackers)
    – pre sliced cheese in the fridge
    + daily lunch in fridge and fruit (golden kiwi mmm) on my desk.

    It seems a lot, but it takes up no space, ensures variety (no boredom) and all healthy (ie no wheat, dairy etc). And I don’t like nuts, whic is why they don’t feature!

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    The quest for uncluttered work snacks

    Haha, I do actually keep some chocolate in my desk, jbeany!

    Thanks for your ideas so far, everyone!

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    The quest for uncluttered work snacks

    Honey’s a great multi-tasker. You can
    – sweeten drinks (definitely tea, which many including yours truly think is way better with honey than with sugar, but I’ve even heard it used in coffee in a pinch)
    – use it as a snack for a good burst of energy (I’ve had a couple of spoons of it on like 12 hours worth of empty stomach and managed to go another 2-3 hours easy depending on activity)
    – add to stuff like yoghurt and bread to make a more complete meal
    – use it to soothe a sore or tired throat and soften a hoarse voice – handy if you need to talk ina more formal way eg presentations etc. Much better than chocolate, which can even roughen your vocal chords – or so says my long-ago singing teacher ๐Ÿ™‚
    – in a pinch, it even helps with cracked lips – it ain’t no Rosebud Salve, but if your lips have cracked from the infernal over-chilling common to so many office buildings, putting a dollop right on the cracks offers immediate relief; a few continued applications will improve the situation. You need the extra applications because the honey doesn’t have the consistency to stay on the lips like lip salves do, even if it’s pretty thick – it drips so you end up having to lick it off lol (actually, if possible try to dab off instead of licking off – saliva exacerbates the cracking). That’s because no matter how viscous, honey responds to heat – like your body’s – by liquefying, ie becoming runnier).
    – it’s even purdy to look at, all golden brown ‘n’ stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

    In short, it’s both a seasoning and a stand-alone foodstuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The only difficulty is the packaging, but only if it’s in a jar – if it’s in a dispenser it’s easy. Look for portable ‘purse pack’ type dispensers that contain about 100g – they contain as much as a week’s worth, but are much smaller. Failing that, get small jars of about 30-40g – portion-sized. That way you don’t have to mess around with spoons or jars that got stuck shut because you didn’t have a wet cloth to hand to clean the lip ๐Ÿ™‚

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    The quest for uncluttered work snacks

    – granola bars (Nature Valley or Kashi)
    – trail mix (I mix my own with a couple of varieties of nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds) and a little dried fruit (raisins, cranberry raisins (craisins))
    – gum
    – Kashi GoLean or Fiber One cereal (you don’t have to keep the whole box at work; just fill a small container or jar and keep that in the office; refill at home once a week or so)
    – yogurt, with a spoonful of GrapeNuts cereal for crunch
    – Quakes mini-rice cakes

    Also, I keep my own fork, spoon, and knife in the office for when I bring/make my own lunch or even bring in take-out.

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    The quest for uncluttered work snacks

    Oh, also,
    – Triscuits
    – peanut butter (spooned right from the jar or spread on toasted pitaโ€ฆ)
    – small foil packed tuna or salmon (2.6 oz) is a great, quick lunch, with some Triscuits or in a tortilla wrap. I just use scissors to cut the pouch open and a fork to eat straight from the pouch.
    – small cans of V8 juice
    – peanut M&Ms (but I had to go “cold turkey” on those, since they’re sooooo yummy)
    – kandy korn (around Halloween time!)
    – fruit (apples, bananas, clementine/small oranges, etc.)

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    The quest for uncluttered work snacks

    Protein bars
    Plain oatmeal packets & honey
    Cans of filling, healthy soup (like black bean)
    Spicy almonds (the strong spice ensures I don’t eat too many)
    Protein powder & a shaker container

    I keep frozen berries(for the oatmeal) in the office fridge

    And every day I bring my lunch, some fruit, and a greek yogurt.

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    The quest for uncluttered work snacks

    I have access to a refrigerator, so …

    cottage cheese cups
    greek yogurt
    V8 Fusion
    individual applesauce (mott’s healthy harvest w/blueberry)

    plus on desk:
    pistachio nuts

    and in case of emergency:
    small dark chocolate bar!

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