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    I’ve been doing pretty well at everyday uncluttering and not bringing more things into my home. But I hit an emotional wall when I approach certain items from my life with DH. I have dealt with most of the paper. The problem is his boxes of photos that he never got around to putting in our albums. I have a tentative organizing plan: labeling and filing the photos in envelopes, eliminating duplicates. I may pull out just a few to put in an album. I threw out a few that were simply poor quality photos. However, most of them are good photos from trips we took-—memories of happy times together. Every time I open the box, I just seize up with fresh grief.

    If we had undertaken this task together, there might have been some squabbles about whether his photo or mine was better and which one to keep, but there would be no drama (a lesson here for us procrastinators). Does anyone have any suggestions to help me get this task started?

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    Sentimental uncluttering revisited

    I haven’t experienced the same sort of grief you have, so I am mostly here for moral support.

    I guess my biggest question for you is whether or not you feel like this is the “right” time to tackle the photos. Do you think you will ultimately find it to be healing to go through the photos? Or is it OK to just let them sit in the boxes for a while longer until you are ready – they probably don’t take up *that* much room, in the scheme of things.

    If you want to press on, is there someone in your life that would appreciate the photos and could be with you while you sorted? I imagine maybe sharing stories with someone who knew your DH as you went through the boxes could possibly help?

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    Sentimental uncluttering revisited

    northshore — my idea was the same as sleepykitten’s. Is there someone who could be with you during this so you would be able to share the stories that go with the photos? Maybe just for a small pile for a half hour to test the waters at first.

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    Sentimental uncluttering revisited


    do these photos need to be sorted out NOW?
    are they taking up huge amounts of space?
    are they something you can put back into their storage space with a resolve to revisit them another time?
    because it is perfectly ok to leave some things be for now.
    we don’t have to get everysinglething fixed and organised and decluttered this minute.
    be kind to yourself.

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    Sentimental uncluttering revisited

    Thank you, everyone, for your kind suggestions. The photos are a big project–three boxes and two shelves of albums. Plus the slides. I think it would be good to have a companion for this task. I will see if one of my daughters can help. I want to get the photos in order for them–so they won’t have to deal with this mess later. I hope to be around for a long time–but then, so did DH.

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    I am so sorry for your loss, Northshore! Who better than a daughter to help! 🙂

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    I don’t think that it is all about taking huge space and storing them its all about the emotions and the sentiments that are attached with those photographs. I realize the pain how hard it will be loose someone.

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