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      So, I bought a brand new leather lounge suite in the middle of 2011, used it for not even one year, before it went into storage. Because it was slightly too big to go through the door of my apartment. It’s now been in storage for about 9-10 months (along with some of my other stuff) and I finally made the decision to sell. It was quite pricey, I still love it and am sad to see it go. If I had a normal sized home I could use it. All I have to sit on in my apartment is the 1 seater that belongs to this suite. Yes, I am hoping to relocate to Australia (just my 3yr old daughter and I), which is another reason Im selling it, but the move may not happen in the end, who knows.

      Anyway, how do you get over a situation like this? Having to sell something you LOVE, and would use if you could, but your situation in life prevents it?

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      My ex-husband had a custom-made couch that he loved. He didn’t want us to mess up his couch, so he got a storage unit. The couch cost him $3000 to begin with; he spent close to $7000 on storage over the years. He could have purchased another couch if we’d messed it up for the amount he spent on storage.

      I’ve been trying to get rid of lots of stuff. My solutions are 1) to find someone who loves it as much as I do and 2) to photograph it before it leaves. It’s hard because we’re human and we form attachments and being practical isn’t as much fun as being logical.

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      It can be hard, but is it easier when you think of what you’re giving it up FOR? Your move to Australia is more likely to happen if you have less stuff, and also there must be things about your apartment that you like, to prevent you just moving to a place where you can have your couch.

      Another way to think about it, aside from the cost of storage, is that the faster you resell it, the more you can get for it – it will become a harder and harder decision over time because you’ll have sunk more money into it. Maybe if you really hate not having enough seats, you can spend part of the money on a “just for now” small couch that’s there for purely practical reasons, that you don’t have to get attached to and can just discard when you move.

      If it helps, I promise there will be something on the market that has the same good features as this piece, when you have a more permanent place and can choose something that will fit it.

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      Jude, that’s sad your ex found a sofa so darn important.

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      Rosa – yes once it’s gone (if someone would hurry up and buy it) it will make it that much easier to get a move on with relocating to Aus. My stuff is what’s holding me back. I will initially store what I have left, so want to minimise as much as possible, so that if it all works out in Aussie, then I can just ship my remaining belongings over. About half of my unit contains that lounge suite so each month I’m sinking more and more money into keeping it.

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