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    A good friend pointed me at this site this morning: They accept sewing patterns from any era, in any condition; they restore them and sell them on to people looking for them. Partial patterns (even just the instructions or envelope) are welcome; some folks just need a collar piece.

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    Rehoming sewing patterns

    What a great idea that is! Oh, I love the internet :o)

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    Rehoming sewing patterns

    Thanks you for the post.

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    bucilla has became the leader in sewing for people!

    They have great resources on sewing and all their kits come with instructions. That is how I picked up the art of sewing christmas stocking kits.

    Christmas stocking kits, although they come with directions, sometimes the bucilla kits can be a pain because there are a lot of tiny little parts. You have to have sewing down pretty good to master these kits but you do not have to be an expert.

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