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      Present in fact is the past of future, it is difficult to get rid of somethings, sometimes becasue they are many years old.

      For example, I keep my first ruler in my childhood, although I don’t use it now, I keep it, as I am used to see it, not easy to get rid of it. Actually there is no story behind the ruler.

      If we don’t collect sentimental things now, then we will not have to deal with it in the future.

      We should clear the stuff regularly in order to prevent them from getting some years old(e.g decades) making us difficult to get rid of it in the future.

      I am preventing myself to keep something so-called “the first….”.

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      Present is the Past of Future

      I like what you said about the present being the past of our future. And you’re absolutely right about clearing stuff regularly so that it doesn’t become difficult to get rid of in the future!

      I always had a hard time getting rid of souvenirs from vacations. For some reason I felt guilty. I fixed this problem by not buying souvenirs when I go on vacation!

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      Present is the Past of Future

      I keep a ruler that I stole from my Dad. He used to use it to draw house plans and I always liked it because it’s made of twelve different kinds of wood, all joined together; it’s quite beautiful. And I now use it myself.

      I’m finding it easier, all the time, to get rid of things I don’t use. Thinking of that Future Me who won’t want to deal with it is very helpful. 🙂

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      Present is the Past of Future

      Well said. One of my biggest issues in my home has been the fact that I’ve been a bit uncertain of what kind of style I like the best, but luckily I’m beginning to see what types of materials I’m drawn to the most, what colours, textures and so on. This has made it a lot easier to visualize what will fit and what could be donated – even though we’re still living in a temporary home. My visual allows my present to be a future too, but that wasn’t the case before when I was still searching. Realizing this has brought liberation with it.

      Another thing that has changed is my relationship to gadgets; I’m highly attracted to them if they make my life easier and if they at the same time mean I can cut down on magazines, paper-war related ringbinders, and so on. My current gadgets finally match my idea of how I want my future to be run, once there are kids around (well, hopefully anyway).

      @themusiclivez: I don’t buy trinkets anymore, but while travelling I usually have more time to browse for nice clothes and accessories that might still be missing from a “complete” look. I believe djk is crazy about jewellery or that type of accessories anyway and I couldn’t agree more. A basic set of clothing miraculously looks completely different depending on how you accessorize and so this has become my souvenir. Some of my nicest brooches are from Rome, London, Paris and Munich.

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      Present is the Past of Future

      themusiclivz – I pretty much stopped buying souvenirs as well. We were in the UK in 2005, and the exchange rate was really poor (for me). We did what we wanted, and ate/stayed where we wanted, but brought home nothing except a Christmas ornament and a couple of small magnets – all of which we still enjoy. No one got Brit gifts! We did send a few postcards to the little people in our family who enjoy getting mail. And you know what – I have no regrets at not buying “stuff.” We’ve pretty much continued in that vein. I occasionally buy a t-shirt from a vacation destination, and in Hawaii I bought fabric for a quilt, but mainly I rely on my photographs for memories.

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      Present is the Past of Future

      @ninakk – I like the idea of purchasing nice clothes and accessories! I definitely agree – it’s much better than buying trinkets. Mine always became dust collectors that I had to keep moving around when I wanted to clean!

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      Present is the Past of Future

      lgmost, what a great way to look at it.
      yes indeed…the decisions we make here and now in the present definitely impact our future.
      it can be a cluttered future or an uncluttered future, depending on how wise we are right now.
      it is all part of the bigger idea of treading lightly upon the earth.

      as to souvenirs……i used to simply LOVE buying stuff when i was overseas.
      i gravitate towards beautiful ethnic textiles and handmade things of all kinds.
      i mean, who doesn’t like that kind of gorgeous stuff?
      but one day i realised i had enough already and i have been consciously restrained in my purchasing.
      i guess one reason i used to buy a lot overseas is because where i live is almost completely devoid of shops with things i want.
      lately, i have given a lot of it away and that has felt good too.
      now it is about finding my balance.
      balancing the needs of present me and future me.
      future me simply doesn’t want to be choked under a cloud of stuff that present me *thought* she *needed*.
      it’s a process, and like everyone here….i am working on it.

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      Present is the Past of Future

      Totally. I have to keep reminding myself that just because I was not mindful of collecting way too much stuff in the past, that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause to be mindful of it now. If I feel the need for a souvenir, I’ll buy something like a piece of clothing that I can use a lot, rather than something that will just sit there. Or, I’ll just take pictures.

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      Present is the Past of Future

      I love this idea. Definitely, cutting down on what you buy is the only way to sustain an uncluttered house!

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      Present is the Past of Future

      I have really been concentrating on buying only consumables for the last 6 months. Like shampoo, body wash, food, chicken feed, things like that, it has really helped on the clutter. But now I am making a big push to finally declutter going for the home stretch. I promise this time I will be done. America is in such tormoil now and I feel bad things are to come. I need every inch of space to store inmportant items not junk. If everything is in order I will be lessed stressed out and can find the items my family needs during emergencies.

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      Present is the Past of Future

      @pkilmain – That is what I do too! I now buy the occasional Christmas ornament or something that I love and can use in my everyday life. And you’re right – I have no regrets about it either. I look at my photos when I want to remember the trip :o)

      I also should mention that I was a person who wasted money on rubbish clothing that I would see while on vacation. Rubbish clothing such as items found on a boardwalk (cheap clothes), T-shirts that didn’t fit but said the name of the place that I visited, etc. The past three vacations that I have taken I have not purchased anymore of these items. I told my husband to please please please stop me if I am going to make a purchase like this. It helps to have someone keeping an eye on me!

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