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    I have some toiletry-like items that I keep in my bedroom, not only because I prefer to use these things there, but mainly because I live with 2 roommates and we all share a bathroom. So I have to limit my time there, and also some of these I use after I’m dried off and dressed, and by then someone else may be in the bathroom. Toothbrush, etc. of course are in the bathroom, but in my room I have:

    – electric razor
    – acne cream
    – deodorant
    – nail clippers/scissors/tweezers
    – cologne
    – hair clippers (even if I had the bathroom to myself, it’s much easier to quickly vacuum my bedroom floor than to deal with hair in the sink)
    – shoe “polish” sponge

    I’ve got this stuff taking up about half of a dresser drawer right now, but it always gets really messy – stuff falling all over as I open the drawer, etc. Everything is a different size – I’ve got the small stuff (tweezers, acne stuff, etc.) in a mug, but then the hair clippers in their case is about the size of a shoebox, and then there are the things that are medium-sized (e.g. deodorant, cologne).

    How would you organize all of this? I’d love a nice box on my bookshelf, for example, but I feel like everything would be thrown in there and be just as messy.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    I know they sell organizers just for this, but they seem like they’re aimed at teens & college students, they’re usually bright colored plastic. We have one that came from Target during back-to-school time a few years ago, we use it for art supplies. They have different-sized sections, so they’re not just undifferentiated stuff boxes.

    I have a little cabinet on the wall of my bedroom, from the days when we had a lot of roomates – it’s a nice wooden thing, matches the woodwork in our house. I assume it’s meant to be a medicine cabinet for a bathroom, it’s just that size but with a wooden & glass face instead of a mirror one.

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    If I understand what you are looking for, I would hazard a guess that the Container Store would have something appropriate, like a basket or similar container.
    They may even have something that you can use as dividers to make it even more organized. It would be the first place I look. (I have no connection to this place other than I shop there from time to time).

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    You need something with dividers. I’m not a big fan of plastic, but for toiletries, plastic makes the most sense since it’s easily cleaned. I got my drawer dividers at Bed Bath & Beyond. Each has five compartments of different sizes that work for all my stuff. If you don’t care to spend money on such a thing, you can make drawer dividers by cutting down tissue boxes or cereal boxes and tucking those into your drawer. It’s amazing the difference using dividers makes in keeping drawers neat.

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    Consider installing a large cabinet with a mirror on the inside. If you have a little one above your sink this could make a huge difference in your morning routine. The larger cabinet allows space for the daily grooming items.Inside the cabinet, keep only the items in constant use and make sure there is easy access to those items.

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