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    Greetings and very happy holidays!

    I am a writer who frequently works off-site. While I scan everything into the computer, frequent edits and rapid back-up require print-outs. As a result, ring binders with hard copies have become the standard. And the binders accumulate.

    To make things challenging, as a writing nomad, I’m constantly moving the “office” and dragging all the binders around, which is a pain.

    I fantasize about a lightweight box with shelves that can be stood on end and opened on-site or closed and wheeled away. But I suspect that the shape of the notebooks, especially the pointy ends, would cause them to slide around. Also, I’ve never seen anything like this at places like the Container Store, et al.

    All ideas for efficiently storing and transporting the binders would be gratefully appreciated.



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    Organizing Portable Ring Binder Storage

    do you have to use binders? For my uni work last year I used those plastic A4 pockets with snap closures, they work well for smaller amounts of paper, though obviously they don’t hold quite as much as a binder. But if you’re dividing up work into chapters or whatever then you could use them as long as they’re well labelled. They do take up LOADS less storage space than ring binders, that’s for sure, those cardboard covers are so bulky and heavy.
    Can’t help you on the storage/transportation issue as I’m not sure what you’re looking for, is it something to carry round or to wheel around or both? Have you looked at Ikea? They usually offer good storage solutions for lots of situations. But it sounds like maybe you could do with editing your ‘stuff’ somewhat to be honest!

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    Organizing Portable Ring Binder Storage

    Perhaps a footlocker on wheels? ala http://www.amazon.com/Collegiate-30-Footlocker-BLACK/dp/B000S2I33Q/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1290734429&sr=8-4

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    Organizing Portable Ring Binder Storage

    Have you looked for hanging ring binders? They are just like regular ring binders except they have clips on each side so you can store them in a file cabinet or anywhere a regular hanging file will fit.


    They can be a little tricky to find because different brands have different names but most office supply stores carry them. Then all you would need is a portable file box that holds hanging folders.

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    richard ryans

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