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    After a good declutter, I now want to organise the stuff that is left, which is:

    My Mum’s things – I have just one box and a small vanity case containing my Mum’s stuff, its been there since she died six years ago and I can’t bring myself to go through it, its not taking up much room and I know that most of the things I shall want to keep anyway so that is staying as it is for now.

    Old appointment diaries – I now keep my diary on my smartphone but want to keep my old diaries as they are good to look back on, these are slimline diaries and Filofax inserts.

    Scrapbooks – Since destroying my journals I have now started keeping a scrapbook (along with two friends) which are in large but thin exercise books, eventually these will pile up but won’t be bulky. I will want to hold onto these.

    Notepads – My current journaling system is in reporters notepads so that I can tear pages out if needs be and they don’t contain anything too personal. These may pile up eventually but I am toying with the idea of filling up a pad and then throwing it out.

    Memory box – I have one container full of memory things that I want to keep, this has been sorted out to what I want to keep.

    Any thoughts/views?

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