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    Post your nice things here!

    I went for a long walk today, the first long one since being sick, and I didn’t get tired or coughy. The park beds are planted with tulips of the most amazing color – a deep mauve – gorgeous, almost decadent, and so striking against all the pink cherry blossoms.

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    It looks like the forum is up!
    I just finished the corporate tax return!

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    Yes, we’re up! IT”S ALIVE!!!

    That’s the biggest Nice Thing that’s happened to me in days!

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    This new look may take me awhile to figure out…good to be back though!

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    The ULTIMATE of nice things is that the FORUM IS BACK! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much to Erin and her tech staff. Like @irishbell, I’m sure it will take me a while to get comfortable with the new format, but I’m already seeing cool features, like the ability to more easily share/upload photos!

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    I suspect a lot of our nice things will be similar today as we all celebrate the return of the forum. This format will take some getting used to but I look forward to it.

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    Oooh – it’s my nice thing too. Was just about to go to bed when I saw the tweet from Erin. Hello everyone!

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    it is lovely to see you all!
    the new forum looks amazingly full of bells and whistles….HUGE BIG THANKS to erin and co. who made it happen!
    and fingers crossed for a spam-free diet.

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    I’m soooo happy to have it back. I missed all of you! So glad to hear that Ella is better.

    My nice thing is that my DH is recovering amazingly well from his hip replacement surgery. He is walking completely unaided indoors and using one crutch on the icy mess that is our front walk and driveway. The problem may be to keep him from doing too much until his muscles are completely healed. :lol He had his first real standup shower last night.

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    So happy see you all again! It has been horrid being out of the loop.

    In addition to this, we have had a cool change after a record breaking run of hot days. Such a relief!

    Pkilmain, I’m pleased your husband is improving. I bet that it has not been easy for either of you ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Pkilmain, glad to hear DH is making good progress after his hip replacement, it is a wonderful op.
    However it meant my DH after both hips were done was back to walking much faster than me. In hilly country he gets to the top first, by the time I get there He has had a rest and is ready to set off again when I need a breather!
    I’m joining in the today’s nice thing is having the forum back, I’d missed everyone.

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    today’s nice thing: homemade vanilla syrup in coffee.
    soooooo gooooood.

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    It’s great to have the new forum up–I’m still learning my way around it from my phone, but so far so good.
    I’ve missed you all!

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    Went to the symphony tonight and heard some Ravel, some Prokofiev, and Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique.

    And tomorrow, I get up Bright and Way, Way Too Early for a Saturday to carpool to an out-of-town community band workshop. We get a folder full of sheet music at 10 a.m., and perform at least half a dozen of the tunes at a 7:00 p.m. show. Best way ever to improve your sight reading.

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    best thing is that the forums are back, wohooo! and i love to see the pictures!

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    I agree – I’m soooo happy that the forum is back up (even though I had to change my user ID). I’ve missed this place!

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    After the sale of my lounge suite sadly fell through, I did sell the puzzles to the same lady who bought them in order to obtain my contact details…. to VIEW the couch. Small progress I guess is better than none.

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    Hello – I’m new and I’m just back from a lovely holiday visiting my eldest son , who lives in Heidelberg. It was sunny but cold. Lovely to see him – I am so proud that he is completely fluent in German and about to begin a nursing course.


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