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    Are there any lighting professionals out there? I need some advice on my home office lighting. Most of my office work is on the computer. My most intensive work is photo and video editing. The office also serves as my surfing and email place. It is also my place of solitude, relaxation and meditation.

    Right now the lighting is either too harsh, or not there is not enough light. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to light my space best for the type of work that I do.

    Thanks for any input,
    Rob Hix

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    Office Lighting

    i have a halogen desk light on long adjustable gooseneck kind of thing.
    it has two settings….less light and more light.
    it is all i need in the office 99% of the time.
    it casts a nice pool of light and it isn’t harsh at all.
    there is also a ceiling light that goes on if i am hunting something down at night.

    i meditate elsewhere and i like to use a candle or two for lighting, for that.

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    Office Lighting

    I am not a lighting professional, but don’t think you need to be for this question. You sound like you could do with some good task lighting for your office work and some mood lighting for the relaxation bit. If you have overhead lighting then dimmer switches are easy to install (even my dh managed that one, and he’s useless at diy!) And you can buy lamps with 2 brightness settings for changing from bright to soft lighting. Ikea is excellent for lighting, I loved one tall adjustable lamp so much I went out and bought 2 more for other rooms, plus they were really good value. Lamps with shades are good for soft lighting, especially in warm colours. There are also fairy lights for ambience if you’re feeling like trying something unusual! There are millions of different types online. While you don’t want to clutter up your space too much, lamps add so much utility to a space, I’m always amazed when I babysit at friends’ houses and they have no lamps, reading with just an overhead light is horribly uncomfortable.

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