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    I’ve read Joy of Less and other minimalism literature. I consider myself an aspiring minimalist but I need to be rational and practical about it because I have a toddler. In my stage of late pregnancy, it’s become clear that we’re running out of space in our three bedroom townhome so the decluttering begins. I went through a major declutter phase about a year ago and eliminated a large portion of my possessions and clothing, however I failed to maintain it. So here we go again. Looking to this site for some advice and inspiration!

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    So excited to hear you are expecting! Babies do seem to take up a lot of room, for someone so small. Have you got a nursery set up or are you working that in as you go? What sorts of things are you considering uncluttering? That could help direct advice. Also, you may want to look into the archives on the main site. Lots of info there as well and some may be the inspiration you are looking for. Best wishes to you with your new family.

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    Alexandria Friedman

    I’m sure it’s a little late, but decluttering when you have a kid can be both more challenging and easier than you expected. I think the best thing to keep in mind would be to remember to prioritize what the kid needs – if you have to get rid of a few shelves of bric-a-brac to free up room for the kid’s toys and stuff, you should do fine!

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    Barbara Bailey

    Hello friends. i am new to this forum. Congratulations for your baby.

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    Barbara Bailey

    hello friends. I am new to this forum. Congratulations for the baby.

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