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    My original goal was to unclutter/minimalize until I could fit everything I own, minus my furniture into my car. While not having done a test run I think I have achieved that goal, now for my new goal.

    Fitting everything I own into the back seat of my car, a two door hatch back.

    Why this goal may you ask?

    The car:
    The two door hatch back is my preferred vehicle type, which I favor for its practicality as a commuter and a good work car. My current car is a 2 door hatch.

    The limitation:
    I devised the spatial limitation because there is the possibility I may relocate for a job. I want to be able to fit everything I own into my car and drive to my new location in one trip without having to rent a truck. I can do this already with one caveat. I have cats. Should the trip be short enough their cat boxes should suffice, if were to move out of state I would want the car trip for both of them to be comfortable.

    Hence my new goal.


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    My new goal

    It’s an admirable plan! I don’t believe I could ever get my belongings down to that little unless I lost everything. 🙂

    My cats would take all the space! LOL!

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    My new goal

    Are you a young person? Many young people have fewer belongings and would be able to move without much trouble. Anyway, it seems that you have it all together.

    When I moved from the El Paso area to central Texas (almost 700 miles), we had a 19′ foot Uhaul truck and a pick-up. We were totally full. We had a dog and 5 cats. It was traumatic for us! A nightmare! I hope it goes much easier for you!

    My problem is that I’m a creative person, and that involves a lot of stuff. Then of course, there is furniture, and clothes, etc.

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    My new goal

    I think you need to get harnesses and leashes for the cats. Start training them now to go outside. Stop every few hours when traveling to walk them (that’s what dog owners do). You could even practice this. Another option is to talk to your vet about sedation. The vet can give you pills to sedate the cats while traveling. Trust me, sedating an animal, who is not accustomed to traveling, is far more humane than not sedating. Messing with a cat box is the least appealing option, IMO. The cats might not even use the box in the car while it’s moving.

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    My new goal


    Yes I am a younger person, mid twenties, single, my only binding factor are my student loans.


    I’ve bee thinking about training my cats to walk on leashes. I often go and take chill camping trips where I almost never leave the proximity of my tent and I would love to have my cats with me.

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    My new goal

    Try it FSA, but always use a harness — All cats can get out of a leash. For most cats, the wide open ceiling, or sky as we know it, is intimidating for those who have been raised in a human home. They can learn to accept it. Start by bringing them outside for a couple of days while you hold them. Have the harness on so they get used to it. After a few days, add the leash, then let them down. Some cats will take to it immediately, some will cower, but being outside will bring out a bit more of the wild out in every cat. They will be happier for it, even on a leash.

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    My new goal

    Hi, FSA. My niece moved long-distance recently. She let (made?) the cats practice being in their boxes for about a week before the move, because she was planning to drive by herself and did not want to risk having the cats jump out in an unfamiliar place. Not sure if she tried the leash and harness thing.

    I definitely second JuliaJayne. Always use a harness.
    And best of luck on your moving plans.

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    My new goal

    when i think about shifting our five cats in a car, i start to freak out a bit.
    ours hate even going to the vet, just 5 km away.
    they are free range cats, with acres of gardens and lawns to roam over.
    i think they’d rip our faces off if we tried to harness them.
    i think we will just stay here until we die, instead.
    it will be a lot simpler.

    when i was 22, i set off around the world with my entire belongings in a bag.
    i only got as far as settling in the next country, lol.
    i enjoyed my days of being free to pick and go wherever the whim took me….but it wouldn’t suit me now. i want different things out of life right now. maybe i’ll be a gypsy again when i am old.

    if your trip is going to take longer than a day’s drive (a long drive), i’d be inclined to ship the cats.
    not many cats love to travel and it is very stressful for them.

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    My new goal

    When I was younger – about 28 – I moved across the US with my cat. I had him leashed and tied the leash to the handle over the back side window as I didn’t want him jumping on me while I was driving. It was summer, it was hot, it was the 1970’s and my car didn’t have AC, so the windows were partially open. The cat jumped out the window in the first half hour and fortunately I was going slowly but he got dragged a few feet. I grabbed him, put him back in the car – closed all the windows – and drove to the nearest vet (I was still near home so I knew where it was). His pads were all bleeding, all over me, and every person in the waiting room said I could go next! From then on he was sedated during the day. I was camping and had him on a harness which I tied to a tree or picnic table with a longish leash. He would walk as far as he could and turn his back on me and sulk for at least 30 minutes. Then we made up and did fine in the tent all night. I had to teach him to go outdoors, which I did by putting a little kitty litter where I wanted him to go. We were both glad when we arrived on the west coast!

    PS – when I moved from Seattle to Alaska, DH was already here, so the cat flew while I drove.

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    My new goal

    Not sure if you will have the room but if you do, have a crate for your cats big enough for a place for them to sleep and a small litter box. The more they are contained, the better. Cats are usually traumatized in cars and have “accidents” or get out of the car and are gone.

    You seem to have yourself together and will do fine with your move.

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    My new goal

    I think you can definitely do it FSA. When I was 23 I moved with everything I owned (including furniture, consisting of futon mattress, disassembled desk, and milk crates) in a pickup truck with a shell on it, and I had plenty of space in there. I didn’t have any pets with me though, that sounds like a challenge in itself but there seems to be some good advice from fellow cat-owners here. Best of luck!

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    My new goal

    I could fit everything in my Jetta up until last year when I bought my 47″ TV. And that included my computer and three monitors, I basically had two bags of clothes and a bunch of electronics. Now that would be almost impossible since I have got a bunch of kitchen stuff (so I don’t have to do dishes literally every single meal) and bathroom stuff (so I have more than a single towel) and “house” stuff (so I have more than a single pillow in my entire apartment, which would be on my bed)

    Good goal though.

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    My new goal

    When I moved to California from Georgia, my then cat rode in the moving truck with me. He liked to sit between me and my partner, or on the dashboard, and watch the road. He was a totally great traveling cat – calm, quiet, and mellow.

    My current cats, who are very quiet and peaceful at home, whine and cry about being in the car for any reason. We took them to San Francisco once and they bitched and complained the whole way. Except of course when they got tired and napped (they both went voluntarily into their carriers to nap). But, fwiw, they did use one of those Jonny Cat travel boxes (small cardboard litter tray) without any extra complaining about that. And I think they actually enjoyed checking out hotel rooms.

    We did not use harnesses, as both of them act like we are putting them in an Iron Maiden if we try to buckle one on. Instead, one person stayed in the car with the cats at any stop, and they were stuffed into their carriers for transfer from car to lodging and back.

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    My new goal

    Gosh, the cat stories are funny and tragic at the same time! As much as I love cats, it is a lot easier to move a dog. I love dogs, too, just partial to cats.

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    My new goal

    I think it’s a great idea! I never thought I would want to become as minimalist as I’m becoming but it feels really good so I am keeping with it. I love your idea and I wish you lots of luck! And keep us updated on your progress :o)

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    My new goal

    I have driven 5-6 hours with 2 cats in boxes in the back seat, and they did fine! Just attach a dish with water so they don’t get dehydrated by heat/AC.

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