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    Howdy all,
    After renovation, we added a new office room.Please suggest me some essential arrangements needed for an office at home.I don’t have any previous experience on this matter. I am a DIY lover will try to do this work by myself.

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    Office at home needs to be a place which inspires you to work instead of back under the covers. Ensure that you create business inside the cozy confines of your home. It could be a whole room, a corner, or just a table. Though I would suggest you go with a whole room provided it is feasible and fits your budget. Pick the best location and keep in mind the function, have the best chair, attractive and lively colours (preferably your favorite). Be seated facing window (natural light is ideal) than blank wall. Allow in natural light more . Check for best energy efficient windows . Refer this blog by landmark home solution on five ways to get more natural lighting http://www.landmarkquality.com/blog/home-improvement/five-ways-to-get-more-natural-light-in-your-home-during-the-winter . Don’t forget to have inspiring books, inspiring quotes and most importantly , even having a portrait of your idol person might be a motivation for you. Best of luck with your new venture. Do post your on the latest happening on your part.

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    Alexandria Friedman

    I think it kind of depends on what you’re doing in your office. If it’s mostly for more business-y pursuits, you’ll mostly need the essentials like a good computer desk, some letter holders and organizers, and enough power strips. I can’t emphasize that last thing enough – I’ve always had a huge problem with making sure I have enough outlets and surge protectors for everything, and this is always the biggest problem with home offices to me.

    A good file cabinet or bookcase is pretty important too, particularly if you’re trying to hang onto a lot of stuff like tax records or anything. I hope this helps at all!

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    Barbara Bailey

    Congratulations for your new office room.

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    Our office has a desk with computer and bookshelves. We keep a filing cabinet in the closet with all of our important documents. Since that is my work space I try to keep it as cleaned up and uncluttered as possible so it’s not a distraction while I work.

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    Hey Boris, how did it go? We all would love to see pics of your home office. You can find some ideas here too https://killeenfurniture.com/

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