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    Hi All,

    There’s nothing quite like seeing the whites of their eyes before starting a major project…

    For various reasons our move date has just been switched from 31st to the 19th. We’re lucky enough to be upsizing but my biggest issue is that I refuse to cart along boxes full of junk. The apartment is a bit of a bomb site at the moment and looked a tip for 2 years so there is a lot to go.

    Luckily I don’t have to pack anything as the movers will do it all for us (including unpacking) as we live in China and packing is standard.

    I know I’ll get through it all but I’m trying not to let myself get overwhelmed or procrastinate.

    What’s really important to me is moving into an uncluttered house that feels like a home – the opposite of how I live now where my apartment just seems to be a dumping ground for stuff and a place to sleep. I’ve learned a lot on this website though!

    Wish me luck and any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Moving house in 8 days!

    Take lots of deep breaths, helofaMess! You can do it. Think of it as a moving marathon. I’m sure glad you have help packing!

    Klutzgrrl, computer and kettle just about sum it up for me, too! Looking at what you wrote brought these two words to mind. “Think Tree!”

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    Moving house in 8 days!

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. Last night, after I wrote the original post, I sat in bed and wrote a list of all the things that we’ll be taking ourselves and it’s pretty much as you said… passports, phone chargers, important documents, etc… that I’m going to box up the night before and stick in my friends flat (she lives downstairs) whilst the move happens.

    The move itself will be pretty stress free. The movers here are great so all I’ll be left with is re arranging things as I want them (spices in the spice rack, not just all under the counters etc) and maybe one or two boxes that stump them for a location.

    My real problem has been the de junk. I’ll give my spare room as an example… a book case, a cupboard, a bed, and a desk… and there’s not one inch of space on top of ANY of them. ugh ugh ugh! This is the clutter I refuse to take to the new house. I can’t wait to have that sense of peace that comes from a tidy house and I’m hoping that I can go on as I start (if that makes sense!) by not taking anything with me.

    I’m proud of what I’ve done today. The bedroom has been cleared out and I took 2 suitcases of clothes to the migrant worker clothing drive. I’ve binned what I could but I still have a large pile on the balcony to sort and the box room and spare room – the two worst rooms!

    Thanks again for your input!


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    Moving house in 8 days!

    what bliss and luxury not to have to pack or unpack!
    this will free you up to declutter quite a lot in the next few days.
    i found that the process really got momentum as i went along….the vital thing was to begin.
    good luck with your move!

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