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    Entry #16, January 10, 2010

    Organization can surprise you!

    Motivation – “Willingness of action especially in behavior”-Wiktionary. The excuses behind what we have motivation for and what we don’t is a mile long list, would you agree? Although, we all find the “motivation” when it comes to an action that we desire, correct? I.e. money, food, vacations, attention, etc… If we were able to make organization about having your desired outcome, wouldn’t that help accomplish it? Here’s some tips on finding YOUR motivation to organize what’s important to you.

    Excuses: They are the number one reason why motivation takes a back seat to your goals. Go through your daily life, and write a list of every excuse you make as to why you don’t want to get organized. It can be time, money, supplies, know-how, friends/family support, energy, etc.. After you form the list, make another list. This list will be the positive of how you could accomplish the goals if you want to:

    *Time: “I could set aside 15 minutes a weekday, and 30 minutes on the weekend to get organized.”

    *Money: Start with the free side of organization – de-clutter, have garage sales, give away items. Make an organization fund, that you add your morning coffee money to. Skip the expensive coffee, and in few months you will have money to splurge at an organization store!

    *Know-how: With do-it-yourself cable programs, infinite internet sites, and resources galore, there is no excuse why you can’t get steered in the right direction! If you don’t want to do it yourself, then hire a pro or ask question’s to a pro for minimal cost. (Stagetecture can help you get started!)

    *Energy: What get’s you excited!? What makes your day run smoothly? Did you know if your disorganization is spilling into your family’s/co-worker’s/or spouse’s life, you are disrupting more than yourself? Isn’t it worth it to find the energy for them too? Why not give yourself a reward for accomplishing small tasks at a time? You will find the energy if you don’t do everything in one or two sittings. Start small – medicine cabinet or pet area… move to bigger areas as you gain more confidence. Keep it up… your motivation goals were closer than you thought!

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    Motivation to organize… It's in you!

    I don’t think that this is the right place to advertise, Stagetecture.

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    Motivation to organize… It's in you!

    Thank you, I hope those that are unmotivated to organize will appreciate my blog post. It’s not about Stagetecture, it’s about ditching the excuses and clutter!

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    Motivation to organize… It's in you!

    My motivation is a desire to live life clutter free! I am tired of having so much, particularly the little things that overwhelm us! This year’s resolution is to get rid of half of what I own. I started a blog to stay accountable and it’s been very helpful keeping me on track.

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