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    I don’t want to be too ruthless but am wondering about more decluttering, the things I am thinking of don’t take up much room but are these things you would get rid of? They are appointment diaries spanning about ten years, starting off as Filofax inserts and then slimline diaries. I now use my phone for diary appointments.

    Letters from a good friend spanning over ten years, a friend I am still in touch with.

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    I’m not sure if this would be helpful or not – I work for a government body and there is always the (slight) chance that I may be called as a witness in court. We are advised to keep our work diaries back five years, just in case. For personal diaries – well, I suppose it would depend on whether there’s any sentimental or personal information in them that would need transferring?

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    Would a scanned record or digital record be sufficient? I no longer keep a paper diary at work.

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    PartlyCluttered, would a scanned diary or a digital diary be sufficient? I no longer keep a paper diary at work.

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    I try to have as much stuff digital as I can, and I have a bunch of hard decisions to make, too: There’s 3 big storage boxes full of photo albums in the way. The photo’s have been scrapbooked nicely, so they’re a joy to read, expecially in a few decades…

    But holding on to so much stuff only to have some fun in a few decades. Yet if I had similar material from my parents, would be awesome.

    My options are
    Scanning them and keeping the digital files (are jpeg’s accesible in 2050 at all?)
    Storing them for a very long time (where? how much?)
    Dealing with the volume one way or another (yet I purged things that were more valuable to me than the photo’s at this moment)
    Getting rid of them all (that really hurts)

    Idea’s? Similar struggle?

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