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    I’m narrowing in on what I need in my home office. I don’t do much here, as my computer at work is much better. But I do my banking online, as well as things like plan vacations, manage pictures, etc. I currently have an All-In-One printer, copier, scanner, fax. It’s pretty big (bigger than my computer) and slow, and the software is frustrating.

    So I’m looking for something to replace it with. I realize I don’t need all those functions. I would like a scanner that is fast, 300 dpi is adequate resolution for everything I do with it. I like the idea of scanners that automatically file and index documents (but I’ve never seen one in action). I also occasionally need a printer, but that’s quite rare and doesn’t have to be so fast. A good old desk-jet will do the trick (do they still make desk-jets?). I’m thinking about investing in a good document scanner, and a just-so printer, instead of going the all-in-one route. I guess the downside to this idea is 2 power cords instead 1, 2 connections to my computer instead of 1, 2 device drivers instead of one.

    Ok, maybe it’s not such a good idea. But does anybody have a better idea? I just don’t want another device that does everything and none of it very well.

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    Try this for scanning http://www.amazon.com/NeatDesk-Desktop-Scanner-Digital-Filing/dp/B001CQ8ER2/ref=sr_1_1/186-2489080-9025922?ie=UTF8&qid=1399686960&sr=8-1&keywords=neat+scanner

    In the VERY VERY rare instance I need to print something, I walk to the copy shop and have them print it. Who prints nowadays?

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    robin m

    I think when our current all-in-one dies, we will go with a B&W laser printer like this one. We print fairly regularly, but certainly don’t need color.

    As far as a scanner, I considered the Neat products but wanted something that was using more of an open standard.. so we just got the Fujitsu Scan Scap s1300i.

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