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    Open your mail over the trash can/shredder/recycling bin. My post office does not participate in a recycling program, but if they did, I’d open the mail right there, drop all but the vitals into the bin. Also, let people bill you by email. After you pay the bill, move it into your paid bills folder online. You’ll have a copy in that file, and in your automatic bill pay program in your bank’s program.

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    Mail from the Post Office

    You are so right, Edgartown. I would also add that if you deal with those vitals right away, every day, you will save your future self from a whole lot of clutter and grief.

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    Mail from the Post Office

    paperwork and mail is one area i am pretty good with.
    if i pick up mail at the box in town, i often open and discard at the supplied bin there.
    if dh picks it up, it gets dealt with daily in the office….i have bin, shredder, filing cabinet and bill tray all right there.
    i don’t like shuffling paper, and i loathe piles of paper, so i am proactive about dealing with it every day and having an efficient system.
    a few minutes a day is all it takes me. but it is a consistent ongoing thing. i like to blitz in some areas, but not mail/paperwork.

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    Mail from the Post Office

    While I agree to some extent. I found rather than continually throwing away the same wasteful “junk mail”. It was worth the few minutes to find out how I could stop it from coming to me to begin with. Depending on what type and how much “junk” your receiving, there are 1(800) numbers, places you can write or e-mail that can remove your name, address or even those wonderful “To resident” altogether.

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    Mail from the Post Office

    I have fewer than five irregular bills come in paper format, all others are digital, as are all bank account statements. Currently I don’t subscribe to any newspaper or magasine, so it is the odd bureaucratic letter and catalogue that arrives via mail. I try to chuck the envelopes into my recycling basket on the balcony immediately after opening, but shredding/recycling happens only after the task related to the contents has been done as well as paper possibly scanned. I would love to keep the shredder in the office corner but it would be too impractical in my current flat.

    Pdf bills are downloaded from email or netbank (most arrive in the latter) after which the mail is usually deleted. I will see the paid amount on the pdf statement as well as in the events list of the account, too, so I find the email entirely superfluous to save. I haven’t automated any bills, as I want to check the amounts and choose accounts manually.

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