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      I’ve just started a Kitchen Cure. These are the tasks of the five weeks:

      Week 1:
      Week 2:
      Week 3:
      Week 4:

      There are other, earlier Cures to check out and take inspiration from, too, but I like the task list of this one the best.

      I won’t follow the speed nor order of tasks fully, because I don’t have enough time to keep it as condensed as the outlined programme, but if you’re interested to do a Spring cleaning of your kitchen in a slow tempo, join here!

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      Week 1, Day 1

      Today, I’ve:
      – Cleaned some empty glass jars that I keep food in, removed the labels and prepared them for new food
      – Started a list of which containers to purchase (size, amount)

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      Ninakk — really liked the site (especially the photos) but what I REALLY liked is that I do not need a kitchen cure. There are a few things I’d like to do — like paint the inside of the cabinets — and it can always use a bit of cleaning (not much) but generally it’s fine. Close to perfect, in fact. Thanks you, unclutterer!

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      I’m mostly doing it for the deep cleaning πŸ™‚

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      oooooooh… like I need another challenge to fail at. No, really I’m going to do this because it looks like I could finish it and I’ve recently inventoried my kitchen to co-ordinate tools/small appliances with DF πŸ™‚ I know my kitchen cabinets are fairly clean from the other challenge that we recently did, but they’re definitely messy… again.

      Susan – I need to paint the inside of the cabinet doors. Perhaps this is my nudge to get that job done.

      I’ll take photos, cull the food and clean the fridge-freezer today. I’ll even share the photos if I can remember how to post them.

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      oh i would like to participate but first, it seems, i have to build the kitchen. sigh. finally, there are wall mounted kitchen cabinets but the rest is just standing there, 50% functional but 100% ugly. i donΒ΄t have a sink in the kitchen… for 7 weeks now. dh will be forced to do the tasks this weekend!

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      CORNER A:

      CORNER B:

      CORNER C:

      CORNER D:

      I took straight on photos which I think are more useful, but this shows the layout of the kitchen. Because my kids are 18 and 22 and hate each other, I have divided the kitchen so they don’t have to share counters or cupboards (special needs daughter also needs strong boundaries for what she’s allowed to eat).

      Corner A belongs to 18 yo son.
      Corner B is where I do family cooking/baking.
      Corner C is communal and close to dishwasher so daughter has an easier job putting plates away. Trash can is through the doorway in the back lobby.
      Corner D belongs to special needs daughter

      Corner B also has the hottest vent in the house:

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      lkh, wow i like your kitchen!

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      LOL mimi. It’s a very, very pretty house, but DF lives 800 miles north and I’d rather be in THIS kitchen in his apartment:

      I have no idea how we’re gonna fit my stuff into his kitchen!

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      Your big kitchen is lovely, LKH. Enviable!

      In my last home, the kitchen was enormous, bigger in fact than the whole studio apartment I live in now. I loved that big eat-in kitchen, but it was such a labor to keep clean. I must say, my tiny kitchen is a jewel, highly efficient and tidy. So I won’t be doing a kitchen cure, don’t need it, whew!

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      lkh: love is more precious than cupboards πŸ™‚

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      Kitchen Cure Spring 2013

      Ella: I’m looking forward to much smaller living quarters. A big pretty house has been mostly a fun experience, but the cleaning… omg. The biggest benefit has been that the house is built for hosting large groups. Before my bedbug saga I was hosting weekly game days with 20+ people hanging out here for hours.

      Mimi: absolutely!

      Ninakk: photos have been taken, fridge food has been culled, fridge has been meticulously cleaned and dried. I even taped my daughter’s day center menus inside her cabinet so they’re not on the front of the fridge πŸ™‚ My son will no doubt mention with dismay that I invaded his privacy by cleaning his fridge shelf. sigh.

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      Love the photos and your progress!

      I chucked out even more since my last post (spices, what else?) and have organised all of them as well as all of the pantry. So far I’ve also:
      – cleaned a big shelf in the upper corner cabinet, which resulted in some purging unexpectedly (the lovely water carafe πŸ™ )
      – begun to go through flatware and utensils
      – pondered the fate of 12 Alsace wine glasses; they take up lots of room and I could store them in the basement until I’m ready to make a permanent decision
      – cleaned all of the under-sink area including scrubbing doors; some plant food had leaked (from below…) which resulted in another trash bag today and vexation about the bubbly cupboard floor in several places πŸ™ grrr. But that area is so shiny and fresh now, I only have to buy a couple of small hooks, one for each cleaning glove.

      My Kitchen Cure is well under way, albeit very slowly, which suits me well right now.

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      Well done Ninakk!! I assume the water carafe was a casualty rather than an intended victim? If so, I’m sorry.

      While waiting for the forum to come back (with the necessary links to the kitchen cure) I debated the fate of 18 vintage martini glasses that take up a whole shelf yet we never use. I suggested keeping 2 of each size and rehoming the rest with someone who has cocktail parties. DF is unsure if he wants to keep any. I’ll be tackling the kitchen cure again tomorrow.

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      Week 2: tools and gadgets
      I disagree with the article that small, medium, large mixing bowls are enough. I have 5 bowls (plastic, glass, metal) and use all of them plus recruit smaller pyrex dishes for beating eggs, melting butter etc.
      DF and I will be combining kitchens in June. We have inventoried our kitchens and have a list of what can be dumped the day before moving.

      Today’s out: rolling pin, some plastic boxes, ladle.
      June pre-move: all pans, most utensils, one color of fiestaware dishes, all plastic cups, all fiestaware mugs, 18 martini glasses, all plastic boxes, toaster, cooking knives, cutting board, cookie sheets and baking pans

      Week 3: Replace/restock
      June post-move: replace cutting board, cookie sheets, baking pans

      Week 4: Beautify
      Plan to paint the insides of the kitchen cabinet doors. I’ll do this next week. Today I’ll check my stock of white paint.

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      I came to this challenge late on. My kitchen has been a recurring disaster area over the (17) years I’ve lived here. I’ve decluttered, rearranged, cleaned, etc, over and over. This seems a good time to start although technically Spring is late here as it’s snowing!

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