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    I know this flies in the face of all that is right and proper for unclutterers everywhere, but I have to confess a weak spot for Justin Case. I have all kinds of little “maybe I’ll need it someday” things tucked away here and there. Today, two of them paid off sweetly.

    First thing this morning, fumbling with a new bag of coffee, I discovered to my horror that it contained whole beans, not ground. Even in my uncaffeinated haze, I remembered the coffee grinder stored in my little basement locker… unused for the past 2 years and a very good candidate for eBay someday but meanwhile there it stayed… Justin Case. Ahhhh, two strong Italian roast cups later and I was singing his praises.

    Next, I realized that I had sealed up the box of letters for my ex-friend without first jotting down her address off one of the envelopes. Drat! But maybe I would find the address in my old Dayrunner, unused since 2004 but saved anyway… you know, Justin Case. Yep, there it was. Plus a bonus! There, hidden down in the zipper compartment, were the darling little stork scissors my mother had given me some twenty years ago. I had thought they were lost forever.

    Thank you, Justin! *smooch!*

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    Justin Case, my new best buddy

    I totally hear you. I have a shed full of salvaged screws and brackets and table legs and electrical parts, I know I should scale them down, but damn if they don’t come in handy on a pretty much daily basis.

    We bought my son a high bed about a year ago, gave his old half-high bed to my daughter and I ended up storing my daughter’s old low bed justin case. It took about ten months for both of them to declare that they wanted their old beds back. Sold the high sleeper online for pretty much what I paid for it, and reverted back to the original setup. Needless to say, I was relieved I’d kept the bed, even though storing it was’t exactly easy.

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