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    Well the hard copies anyway, I still have them scanned but I made a decision last week to get rid of the originals, I kept looking through them and reading them through with all the rantings was somewhat tedious. They are there on the hard drive if I do want to read them again but they are not there physically and it does feel better, so far I don’t regret it.

    I still do want to journal though so now I have notebook (a reporter style one where pages can be torn out if needed) and I am journalling in a different way. I am writing about the things I don’t mind people seeing, anything I want to vent about and want to keep private I either type it onto the laptop or write on the notepad then tear out those pages and destroy them.

    I keep all my appointments in my phone calendar which works for me fine (especially as I now have a new phone where the calendar is really cool). I am still hanging onto my old appointment diaries though as they are good to look back on and keeping a diary on my phone means I don’t have that written record to look back on so I am thinking of using an appointment diary just for day to day activities but I don’t want to accumulate clutter so I guess I could use the notepad journal for this, any ideas?

    I do feel better though for finally making a decision about this.

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    puss, this is the best news i have had all week!
    i think this is a really good step for you, and i highly doubt you will ever regret it.

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    Many congratulations. Making a decision feels great, right? You are now free to spend your time and energy doing other things.

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    Congratulations to you! You sound very glad you were able to make the long desired change, and I am happy for you. Getting rid of my physical journals still feels very good! Enjoy the new freedom.

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    Well done, Puss!

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    Great work, Puss!

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    Puss, I’m so glad you’ve accomplished this, it’s definitely a positive decision especially as you were tying yourself in knots in trying to decide what to do. I think you are going in absolutely the right way in your new method of journaling.

    As for your wanting a record of your appointments perhaps you could note them on a small or slim calender that doesn’t take up too much space? I have to admit that I have got previous calenders still as I also like to keep a record of where I’ve been and what I’ve done, especially with the kids, over the years. Plus, it is a handy record for if you want to date photos.

    Again, Well done, I expect you feel a great sense of relief!

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    Hi all, many thanks for your replies. I do feel a sense of relief. I pondered over doing this for so long because I thought I would really regret it liked I did before when I tossed a load of journals but that time I didn’t have them scanned, at least I know I still have them somewhere this time.

    I do want to save the journals I keep from now on but they shouldn’t be too cumbersome with being lightweight notepads and the content will be different. I will write down my feelings in them if its something I don’t mind being seen by others but any long winded tedious entries I decide to keep or tear out and throw away later if I find reading it back too tiresome.

    I do tend to write in my journal more when I am upset or angry about something, but now I am trying to record other things too but I am not writing in it every day about everything I do, thats why I am inclined to keep the smaller diary but I find I am not keeping that up to date now that appointments are going into my phone.

    Most importantly, I have lost the fear of ‘what if my journals are read either now or after I am gone’. I do want to leave journals behind so that it leaves an impression of me but not journals full of hurtful words and endless rants. I now wouldn’t worry about leaving my journal out and not under lock and key. I still wouldn’t want my privacy invaded but it would be a major panic now if anyone did take a look.

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