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    I have a very old home with a steeply-pitched roof. I have a closet such as you often see in Cape Cod-style home. It is about four feet wide and ten to twelve feet deep. Because of the pitch of the roof, It tapers from about five feet on one side to two feet on the other. I wanted to use it for my primary clothes closet, but it is too short and narrow.

    Does anyone have a similar closet for which you’ve found good storage uses? Could you describe or even provide photos?

    Thanks! Valerie

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    How to use weirdly-shaped closet space

    Could you hang your clothes on a rolling rack that you could pull out for easy access?
    Something with adjustable height like this:

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    How to use weirdly-shaped closet space

    Oops, I just read the terrible reviews of this rack. Well anyway, how about a rollout rack that’s better made than this particular model?

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    How to use weirdly-shaped closet space

    i know i always suggest this, but would ELFA storage fit in there? maybe along one wall?

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    How to use weirdly-shaped closet space

    If you have one in your area, IKEA is a really good source of “solutions for tiny spaces”. Good luck!

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    How to use weirdly-shaped closet space

    Aargh, the internet ate my post. Abridged version – Elfa or IKEA, go to a Container Store if you have one nearby and talk to their closet planners. Beware their sales reps and their suggestions for the amount of stuff you’ll need to store (they once claimed American women had 40 pairs of shoes apiece!) If you want to go with a garment rack, I have a $15 Wal Mart version that’s proven itself durable and fits in a recessed doorway. It’s proven itself well despite its cheapo origins.

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    You can attach a hook on one side of the closet and hang less worn clothes or rain coats. You can place sport items, plastic cannes, less used books etc.

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    You could store seldom used items like duvets/winter coats/fancy linens in those vacuum bags – they’d stack vertically or horizontally which could be useful?

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