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    I get a lot of credit card notices — change in terms, new credit limit, etc. They are mostly folded. So far, I have been throwing them into a shoe box box now I have three boxes full and it is a mess. Does anyone have a best practices suggestion for storing these?

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    How to store credit card notices?

    I scan most stuff into my computer, filed be year then type of file (bank, credit card, etc.). Keep in mind that when you get a new version of whatever the card company is sending, you can shred the previous one. Most likely, at least 2 boxes of your 3 can be shredded as they’re duplicates.

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    How to store credit card notices?

    Newer notices frequently supersede terms listed in older notices. I organize mine by card and in date order so that I can shred notices that are no longer relevant. I keep mine a traditional file folder, but you could also try a binder or clear pocket folders.

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    How to store credit card notices?

    I keep all my important documents (banking, insurance, etc.) in an accordion folder. It’s nice to have one spot where everything is pulled together. I periodically go through the sections in the folder and remove papers that are outdated or no longer relevant – and then send them to the shredder. 🙂

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    How to store credit card notices?

    honestly, I don’t keep any of that info. I can always bring up my credit account online and check the terms, etc there if needed. In 20 years of credit card holding I’ve never once needed to reference it. If you need to know your limit before making a large purchase, it’s usually on your last statement (those I keep, for one year, then shred) or you can call or check online.

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    How to store credit card notices?

    i am a shredder.
    i keep the statements for the 7 years as required by the australian tax office for businesses, and i don’t worry about the other stuff.
    i have one credit card and i pay it off each month.

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    How to store credit card notices?

    Although I usually scan them in, I’m with luxcat, they are always available online or by request if you need them.

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    I’m just beginning the process in my home office so I can relate: scan and save the most recent term updates, or file the paper… Either way my challenge will be the purging of the old. If I have the computer memory it may be best to scan and file. Nice to get rid of (recycle) paper!

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    Alexandria Friedman

    Honestly, I don’t even get credit card notices via the mail anymore. I just have one credit card, and my bank offers paperless billing so now I get them all via email and I can access them online. Have you tried looking into that?

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