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    It’s 7:00am, and you need to be out of the house in 30 minutes to make it to work on time. Your kids are asking where their clean clothes are for school. Your spouse is asking where are the car keys, it’s your turn to take the minivan. You’re in the kitchen trying to make a hot breakfast, but the pantry has Tylenol, crayons, and pepper in the same place, and they all just fell into the oatmeal.

    Solution: Organization!

    Every aspect of your life could use some form of it. Whether it’s at home, office, gym, or your social calendar!


    Help them, help themselves. After laundry comes out of the dryer, have children put clothes away as soon as possible. For larger families, have separate areas for dirty and clean clothes. (Separate laundry baskets, labeled bins, or clean each child’s clothes separately to avoid confusion.)

    Morning Rituals

    If you are like most of us, that have hectic mornings, make rituals for you and your family. Can’t find the keys? Assign an area that you and your spouse go to when you come home, and when you leave out. The same with purses, wallets, gym bags, kid’s backpacks. Assign areas that before the family retires at night, they know in the morning, it will be the place as the “go-to” spot, before heading out the door.

    Kitchen organization

    The Kitchen is the most used room of any house, repeatedly through the day, and the one place that organization gets overlooked. Keep medicine for the family in a cabinet away from extreme temperature changes (not the bathroom!) Choose a cabinet that young children can’t reach, but convenient for adults. Place crayons, pens, markers and other art supplies in a utility room, upper shelf of a cabinet or pantry. This way, the walls won’t accidentally have writing on them, without you knowing Timmy was in the markers!

    Add a spice organizer, simple or elaborate, to your kitchen. If you can find the pepper in 3 seconds instead of 3 minutes, think of the time you’ll save in the entire morning.

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