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    Have you ever hired a professional organizer? Did it help? Were you able to come up with new organizing strategies or make some difficult uncluttering decisions that you might not have made on your own?

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    Hiring a professional organizer

    As a professional organizer, I’d like to speak from the other side.

    I’ve had clients that took months to decide to use my services. They were all grateful afterwards even if we did not complete the entire job (usually due to budget constraints). We take the emotion out of making decisions of what to save and what to let go. We can often help people see that sometimes they are storing items that are…well, ludicrous! Such as lots of empty food jars, just in case they ever decide to do their own canning!

    The other thing that is helpful to people who hire a professional organizer is that we are a great resource for places to take your items. I can refer people to different donation sites, recycle centers, and places where they can put items on consignment or sell on line. I actually take items for recycling and donation so they are removed promptly from the client’s home.

    I used a wardrobe consultant and she was ruthless when we went through my clothes! I ended up donating many more items than I would have on my own because I am not as savvy and knowledgeable about styles and current fashion. So I would consider her an organizing specialist in clothing and it was well worth the time and cost! She motivated me as I motivate my clients.

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    Hiring a professional organizer

    We hired a PO as a kick start to our uncluttering. The fee for the service we chose was between $25 & $30 per hour. For me, it’s worth it. I am guaranteed that once per week, for two to four hours, SOMETHING will get done. I won’t be interrupted, and my husband voluntarily helps.

    It helps that a PO is not a friend or family member. He/She won’t comment on the condition of the house, or lack of progress. Decisions to eliminate an item won’t be met with “Oh, you should keep that…” or “The kids will want that one day.”

    The biggest perk of having a PO work with us is having at least one person in the house who is not overwhelmed buy the task ahead. Our PO always has a smile, enthusiasm, and a PLAN.

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    Hiring a professional organizer

    Kind of surprised that more people haven’t weighed in on this. Guess this is a very DIY crowd.

    I have considered hiring a PO to help my DH with his clutter. I’m afraid addressing it ourselves will create relationship trouble. But maybe that’s just a fight we need to have.

    Indigo75: a PLAN is the best thing to start with, but objectivity & enthusiasm go a long way!

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    Hiring a professional organizer

    I think it’s great if you can afford it! A lot of people, like me, are not self-motivated. It would be nice to have someone to push me a little.

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    Hiring a professional organizer

    I worked with a PO for the first time today. I had some family members who had moved in with me for almost a year, and they moved out two weeks ago. While they were here, my home office (I’m a freelancer) became a catchall for all my clothes, shoes, purses, EVERYTHING I OWN! With my long-term guests now gone, I could move a lot of stuff back into my guest room and storage area, but I was completely overwhelmed by the chaos that had developed over the past months. In addition, we are moving in two months, so I need to purge and pack as well as sort and organize. Two organizers came and worked with me for three hours this morning, and it was AMAZING! We got so much done, and it was just the jump start I needed to get things started for my move. Pricey, but so worth it.

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