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    Hi Guys and Gals.

    I’m brand-spankin’ new to the forums. I’ve been wracking my brain for the last half a year on how to maximize my office room, with no luck. Its a 116x

    Right now, it houses two gi-gunda computer desks, my treadmill and gym, gym equipment (all stored in the closet and big grey storage unit you can see in the pictures), two computers (three when my laptop is in) as well as a packed closet stocked with clothes, vacuum, and other miscellaneous for storage.

    I’m getting new carpeting shortly, and when I pull everything out, I want a plan when I go to put it back together. I need lots of storage. I’ve thought about doing some sort of modern/clean storage mounted to the wall, but i can’t envision the right things where. Please help with any ideas you may have.

    Also, im not partial to these desks. I’d actually like to get something smaller as long as it’s not a huge dive into my pocketbook. I’ve played with the idea of just one of those tables like in a computer lab, but i believe it would be too wide and take up most if not more of the room than the current desks do.

    Thank you thank you thank you for any help you can give! πŸ™‚

    Pictures here:


    Theyre all in order, ignore the gorilla :p

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    Maybe an IKEA hack for the desk? They offer table tops in just about any size. Or even just purchase a door and legs for it. I don’t see a lot of vertical storage – the top half of all your walls seem bare. Personally, I love a floor to ceiling bookcase, but shelving up over the desk with various bins is good too. I don’t like the desk style with those little cubby shelves across the top – they never seem to fit what I want to fit in them! Open shelves are much more flexible, I think. I would also think about placing some corner shelves at just the right height to wedge the balance balls on. (Aren’t they the worst thing ever to store?)

    Have you done a scale drawing of the room? I always find it helpful to have little scale model cut-outs so I can scoot things around to see how things will fit best.

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    If you have the money for it, an Anthrocart desk is one way to go. I use two matching desks that my ex and I bought about 20 years ago. The particle board and laminate tops are worn, but the rest of the desks are like brand new. The desks can be taken apart and reconfigured; you can buy add-ons for them; they roll on casters, so you can roll them out to get at wiring. My desks are on three levels: top shelf, main shelf, recessed bottom shelf. LOTS of storage.

    Google for Anthrocart and configure your dream desk with their “design your own” app. Brace yourself when you look at the price tag. These desks are built for businesses that will use them hard and want them to last a long time. Businesses will pay for quality.

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    some questions…no right or wrong answers….just food for thought:

    1. do you really need 3 computers?
    2. how many people use the office?
    3. have you tried using a swiss ball as a desk chair? (i am very partial to them)
    4. is this an office where you run a business? run your household? do after hours stuff for your employer?

    i ripped a lot of random junk out of a small room here, and installed an elfa wardrobe down one wall and an elfa office (incl a long narrow desk) down the other ( which also holds all our linen and my work library).
    it is endlessly reconfigurable; if your needs change, so can the elfa.
    it was easy enough to install.
    it can go with you if you ever move.

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    What functions do you *really* want to happen in the room? When you know what functions you want the room to perform, remove anything that doesn’t assist that purpose.

    Pare down all duplicates – I think I saw two exercise balls that look to be the same size in your photos. Do you really need two? Do you use all of the exercise equipment, or is it just habit to have them around? If you use them at least weekly than OK – if not, think hard about putting them back into the room.

    As bandicoot said, look hard at your office needs. One computer or three? What do you truly use in the office? Thin down all the extras.

    As for the clothes, pare them down. What doesn’t fit into your bedroom closet probably isn’t being used much (unless it’s seasonal clothing). Look hard at what you’re truly wearing day in/day out. Thin down the rest.

    Once you’ve decided what goes back into the room, then you can decide what tools/storage options will work for you. Personally I use a 6 foot folding table as my desk, with adjustable wall shelving from Home Depot. It’s worked great for years, but am now thinking of getting a smaller desk or table for the computer and using this table to do jig saw puzzles on, since I want to reclaim my dining cubby for eating.

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the info. Yeah i have no real storage at the moment, but im looking at options. The desks are the ugliest part of the room (dreadful really) we bought them long ago and just continued using them. But they’re huge and they really don’t fit whats needed at all! :/

    Bandi, answers:

    1. Yeah, actually i should have all 5 in here up at all times (I own a graphic design business for logos, game rendering, and the like. the desktops are the hogs for the work i need to do. The laptops are for my other line of work, running a server each, etc.. I wish i didnt need so many πŸ™ the room stays redhot all the time).

    2. Myself, and three other people normally. Then if clients come over (ONLY WHEN CLEAN :P) or other workers, I’ll pull out more seating and setup other work stations.

    3. I WANT to try a swiss ball! Right now, instead of using the chairs in here, i just sit on one of my exercise balls instead.

    4. yes to all of the above.

    Now I have two questions:

    Zora – The desks you mentioned (i’ve actually looked into these before, and like the design..), do they show wires easily? I know that theyre pretty open at the bottom. The ONLY thing I like about these desks is they hide the ugly wires. Thats also the only reason I’ve been debating on getting this type of desk. Also, can you tell me about the width of the desk? How far a normal flat shelf sticks out?

    Bandicoot – I never knew that was the name of either of those! Same question (basically, anyway). I’ve looked into the wall pieces (I guess they’re the elfa office) before, and I liked them because they’re a clean, straight design.. and you can change out as needed. I’m wondering though, if the brackets that hold the shelves up get daunting to look at all the time? If they do, have you thought of any way to spice them up a little?

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    @Unique- don’t limit yourself on desk choices to those that automatically help hide wires. If you don’t have to move the stations around a lot (the case with probably at least the desktops?) there are a million inexpensive and innovative ways to deal with hiding wiring. I would do a search of this forum, the unclutterer main site, and a general google search to find all sorts of ingenious hacks on this topic.

    best of luck! it sounds like a lot of work but how great it will feel to work in there when you are done!

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    ok, here is the next set of questions for you to munch on.
    your work obviously requires all the computers and a reasonable quantity of desk space!
    1. how often do you use the gym equipment?
    2. could your needs be met by getting rid of the equipment and going to an actual gym instead?
    3. is there anywhere else that the gym equipment could be stored?
    these questions are to start thought, you don’t have to answer me or anyone else.

    if you are inviting clients and co-workers into this space, then it definitely needs a makeover. imho.
    i am fine working with my clothing hanging down one wall beside my desk, but it isn’t something i would inflict on my customers.
    it is not professional and it isn’t what you would expect to see in a regular office.

    the elfa brackets don’t bother me at all.
    i have the aluminium and dark wood combo, against white walls.
    i like the floating effect….no legs!
    nowhere for cables either, unfortunately….but i have a plan for that.

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    Thank god for aluminium, not aluminum πŸ˜€ Currently all my questions have been answered but I would like to add that there is a gorgeous desk manufactured by bluelounge, which hides all cables inside but which most likely is too small for you. It is droolworthy though. And so expensive one will cry.

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    Ninakk, thanks for mentioning bluelounge – that desk is indeed droolworthy. Unfortunately it’s too costly, but wow!

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    The desk-height shelves on my old Anthrocarts are 29″ deep, and the top and bottom shelves are only 18″ deep. But I think that they’ve got more choices now. I find it very convenient to have the narrower shelves at mid-shin height (easily reachable storage, but still room for my feet) and at head height. Since the side rails have a series of holes, and you can buy extenders, you can customize the desks to be exactly the right height for YOU.

    Wiring … Anthrocart sells various add-ons to hide wires. I don’t have them and one desk is a mess of wires. I think I could fix that if I had the money and invested a little time.

    You could use the anthrocart site to help you design the perfect desk and then show the design to a local woodworker, who could build wire storage into the desk. Of course, this might cost as much as ordering from Anthrocart, and be less durable, as it would be wood rather than metal. It would be cheaper to build if you’re a woodworker yourself πŸ™‚

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    I would move everything out and only put back what worked. I was intrigued by discussions of Standing Desks on Lifehacker. One guys’ idea was to use his filing cabinets as part of his standing desk. Although it turned out that I can’t use a standing desk successfully, the best thing I ever did was get rid of the dedicated computer desk. My computer currently sits on a *very* small table in my bedroom. I would never go back to a conventional computer desk again.

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    Hey guys,

    Love all the feedback im getting on this. Ive moved everything out (new carpeting today, WOOOO!!!) I sort of have an idea of where things will go but theyre very prone to being moved around before its all said and done. Unfortunately i use the workout equipment every day (as do my girlfriends.. apparently, i’m doing a good job and my girlfriends have started joining me on my workouts :P).

    I know Jude2004 didn’t mean a literal ‘standing desk’, and just meant a traditional/conventional computer desk.. but it reminded me to ask if anyone has any idea where or how i could set up a literal standing desk. One where I dont have to sit, its about chest height (keyboard/mouse/monitor) and sturdy.

    Reason I ask is because I’ve been extremely intrigued by this, and figure any additional time i can spend standing while working at one of my jobs is better than nothing. Of course ill still need traditionals for most of the other computers; but i have an amazing little standalone mini elliptical that i really wish i could utilize while working.

    Has anyone successfully used a nice standing desk like this?

    Thanks a bunch! πŸ™‚

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    i have seen some great standing desks around the blogs lately, but where? where, exactly?
    apartment therapy?
    tech blogs?
    i know i saw one that was hacked from two bits of IKEA and it looked great.
    two tall filing cases with a tall wooden door thrown across the top of them (stonehenge style) would work just fine.
    or a floating desk along one entire wall, basically just a deep shelf at the required height.

    or to go back to elfa (again, bandicoot?), it would be easy to hang a desk at standing height in amongst the drawers, shelves, hooks, rails.

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    Help me make my work room breathable!? :/

    The blog BoingBoing has featured several articles on standing desks recently.

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