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    Happy Monday, all!

    Do any of you have a hard time tossing clutter because you feel guilty you’ve spent money on it? For instance, I hate throwing away make up or cleaning items, etc. because I’ve spent money on them and I *could* use them – someday. I don’t keep every random screw or nail with the idea I might use it someday, but with these other kinds of things I do.

    And it is doubly painful – not only am I annoyed by the resultant clutter when I see these items, but I feel a pang of guilt for having spent the money every time I see them, too. The obvious answer is to toss it! But it is so hard.

    (I am much, much better about not buying this kind of stuff in the first place. That is a start, I suppose.)


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    I’m not sure who said it — possibly Brooks Palmer — but it’s something to the effect of “You don’t waste money when you get rid of something; you wasted the money when you bought it.”

    Remember also that your time and attention are valuable, and if you spend too much time and attention looking at things that are annoying to have around, that’s another bad investment.

    As for makeup, I wouldn’t keep anything more than a year old as products do break down over time.

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    Thank you!

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    Alexandria Friedman

    That feeling of “I MIGHT need this” is something I’ve struggled with for a long, long time. Really, at least what I did was ask myself – okay, I MIGHT need it SOMEDAY, but do I need it NOW? I can’t hang onto every single kitchen appliance and cleaning supply in the offchance I might actually need to use this hardwood floor polish, particularly when I don’t have hardwood floors anymore. Maybe these are smaller examples than what you’re dealing with, but I’ve always found that unless you’re not going to need something in the immediate future, you can probably replace it when the time comes.

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    It can be really challenging at times to get rid of things that I have spent money on. Instead of throwing it away I try to find someone that can use it ( like clothes, appliances, that sort of thing) or donate it. Perishable items I figure don’t last forever and at some point probably aren’t safe to use at some point so I toss it and try to make wiser decisions in the future.

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