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    I try to donate or recycle what I can. But some things are just not wanted anywhere. Specifically this set of encyclopedias from 1990. Libraries and schools have more current references or have digital libraries.

    I hate to add more to the landfill just so I can get rid of stuff.

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    Guilt about throwing away things

    You can post it on Freecycle if you really feel it shouldn’t be in the landfill, but take it from a retired librrarian – the reason encyclopedias keep updating is obvious, and the old ones with their old information need to go… 🙂

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    Guilt about throwing away things

    Serious question: Do you know any children/arty people who might like to make hollow books? This always appealled to me when I was younger, but I never liked to cut up a “good” book. 1990s encyclopedias seem like they would be new enough for repurposing like this but not so old that it feels like a desecration (if that makes sense).

    A few other arty uses come to mind, so it might be worth listing them on Freecycle with a descriptions suggesting them as material for art.

    Other then that, depending on the ink/paper/cover combination recycle, compost or energy reclamation (aka burning); none of those options are landfill, though I expect they aren’t suitable which is why you are posting here.

    Zebra x x

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    Guilt about throwing away things

    Hm…try selling it on eBay. Some people collect things like that. If you price it pretty low, someone’s sure to buy it, and you’ll feel good knowing that it’s not going to a landfill.

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    Guilt about throwing away things

    You can remove the binding from the pages and then recycle the paper. Better than tossing out the entire book.

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