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      As part of my quest to become as minimalist as possible, and probably a bit of anal retentiveness thrown in, having my films in 2 formats (physical discs and digital) depending on whether I bought the DVD or downloaded them from the iTunes store has been really bugging me. I’m pleased to share that I’ve now found a free and easy way to transfer my DVDs (all 14 of them) into iTunes using Handbrake so that everything will now be stored electronically.

      OK, in terms of physical space I’ve only saved one small CD binder, but I can now watch my films on my laptop without needing to have the discs, and when the new Mac models are released I will save a lot more space since I’m planning to get rid of my TV – which I don’t really need since I only use it for watching films and replace with a computer and large screen. Now all my DVDs will be ready to play on the new machine from iTunes.

      You guys probably know about Handbrake already, which is a free and legal way to transfer your physical films into digital format, but in case you don’t I thought I’d share!

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      Guess what I've found – a free way to transfer your DVDs into iTunes

      In the United States it is legal to use Handbrake. However the DVD Decrypter (or whatever you choose to rip the DVD) is the illegal part. Circumventing the copyright protection used by commercial DVDs is illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

      Now I do it all the time, and I agree that it works very well. Here’s my thought process: I only rip DVDs that I legally own, I don’t share the files I rip/convert on the internet, and I don’t see the difference between this and ripping a CD except that I am circumventing the encryption scheme. I just don’t see a reason to purchase an iTunes version of a movie to watch on my iPad when I own the DVD.

      Here’s a link that describes both sides of the argument: http://www.macworld.com/article/1150731/dvdripping_faqs.html

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