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    Hello, I’ve just started trying to approach minimalism recently. Although my flat is always (mostly) tidy, I want to get to a point where I feel it’s always clean and low maintenance. Part of this is getting rid of “hidden” clutter – in wardrobes, drawers etc. After doing several purges I find I’m still hesitant when it comes to throwing cards away. I can purge them from distant relatives, but I can’t seem to part with ones from my parents. I also have a stack of cards from my wedding that I feel bad throwing away, even though they’re just taking up space. Any suggestions? Thanks. Amanda

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    Have you thought of scanning the cards and saving them digitally? Or using them to cover a special treasure box? I have saved a few to keep samples of my close family’s handwriting and have kept all of my husband’s cards to me.

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    hmm Throwing them would be a bad practice I would suggest you to get them placed in different parts of your home where they fit better and this will be a justice to them and your emotions as well.

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    Alexandria Friedman

    This is another one of those sticky questions that people have when trying to get rid of anything with “sentimental value”. A lot of greeting cards tend to come from people we maybe don’t see very often, or are linked to important times in our life. Unless you’ve really got too many of them, I think this is the sort of thing you can hang onto safely. They do make specific greeting card holders you can get for them: http://www.containerstore.com/s/gift-packaging/organizers/bigso-white-greeting-card-organizer/12d?productId=10010702

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    Barb M

    I take old cards and make them little flip books as a first birthday gift. I take a 4 inch diameter lid and cut out parts of the card using the lid as a guide. I make 15 to 20 pages, it usually uses about 40 or so cards. This way there is a new sentimental value. I punch holes at the top of them and use a round ring to keep them all together.

    Children are able to learn words, colors, animals, scenes, etc.

    If the card has sentimental writing, I use them as a book mark and leave them in the book when finished.

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