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    Round 1 is here: https://unclutterer.com/discuss/topic/from-hobby-to-profession

    I believe it was JuliaJayne who recently mentioned having toyed with this idea and I find myself in that position again. It’s very hard for me to find decent Summer jobs when the semesters in Denmark are longer than back home and therefore I’m doing a bit of this and that to start my own one-woman show up. An Etsy shop is taking its first breaths right now and I have another idea for on-line purposes too, which will have to wait until later this year. I’ve started writing a book (non-fiction) with a deadline of max five years from now, but then there’s also the decluttering.

    What now?
    I’d really love to help people in this immediate way and even though my own house is still messy (primarily due to emotional attachment I think) I have a feeling I’d be positively ruthless with others’ messy abodes. If there is someone else in this position right now, I suggest we start up one of those mastermind groups, which sole purpose is to help people be productive about their shared goal.

    Even though (and probably because, as well) we’re in different parts of the globe, I think we could be excellent sparring partners since we’ve been around here for a while already and have gotten used to the emotional roller-coaster ride of the receiving end. We obviously couldn’t meet in person, but I don’t think it would matter because we already know how to “exist online”. A closed group room of some kind would be cool though.


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    From hobby to profession – Round 2

    It’s like you read my mind! Starting a career from a hobby has been a dream of mine for the past two or three years. And I am floundering. I applaud you for setting up the etsy shop – that is definitely a step in the right direction! I wish I had advice to offer you, but I am in the same position that you are right now. I am in the middle of writing a book (fiction) and have been trying to work a little each day on that. But I am lost as well. I think that a closed group room sounds like a great idea. I would love to hear how other people are doing with this goal as well and to learn from everyone!

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    From hobby to profession – Round 2

    there is a web thing called minigroup that might be useful.

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