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      If we are to use the Hello forum less, may I suggest some additional categories to the Living Spaces forum?

      Bedroom (with clothing here?)
      Home office (even if it is basically a command center in a nook or such)
      Kids’ rooms
      Living room (with library here or in home office? or separate?)
      Basement, attic and garage
      Outdoor spaces (patio, balcony, tool shed, summer cottage, sailing boat etc. included?)
      Sentimental clutter

      This would keep general discussion separate from the book chapter discussions, but not as spread out as they are now.
      And Challenges could go in under respective area (Garden in X month into Outdoor spaces, Kitchen Cure in Kitchen) unless they are ATAD, FATAD and the other general monthly ones.

      What about cleaning, organising, and schedules for those? They span a whole household, unless they are specific such as cleaning grout in the shower, when there is mildew. It is still cleaning though, not decluttering.

      My five cents 🙂

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      it looks like the forum is taking shape nearly as we speak… with general discussions back (under Hello) and focussed discussions under popular topics like kitchen and bedroom/closets… and the book related chapter discussions under that. it’s being uncluttered already 🙂

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      I’m not sure what you mean, luxcat. I’ve seen the same forums here all the time as in the old format. There it was extremely messy, because few used to put their new posts elsewhere than in Hello. Now that we don’t have the same chronology as landing page, it would be more convenient in my opinion if the topics were to be started in context forums such as “Gardening in March” in a garden category.

      I was also thinking whether it is necessary to show all the sub-fora of the book chapter discussions on the first page here, as the majority of our topics fall under Living Spaces.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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