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    I’ve gone acronym crazy!!!

    Nah, not really.

    I have no idea whether anyone is going to join me on this forum or on this thread. So I’m just going to make it work for me, to try to hold myself accountable for things I want to get done.

    So if ATAD is getting rid of A Thing A Day, then …

    FATAD is Fix a Thing a Day
    DATAD is Do a Thing a Day
    PAATAD is Put Away a Thing a Day

    While I’m not going to log every single household task that I do, I want to get more consistent about chipping away at household chores every day, rather than, for example, letting to-do list items sit on the to-do list forever and ever and ever, or letting things pile up before I put them away. Laundry mountain, I’m looking at you!

    Today, I cleared off all manner of stuff that had accumulated in the kitchen, not on the table or counters as you might expect, but on top of the stove. (Yes, you can infer from this that when I am busy, I don’t cook all that much!)

    The pile included some Christmas cards, gifts I received, coupons, and other random clutter. Some stuff to recycling or garbage, some stuff to its proper home, some stuff moved to the general zone where it belongs, and some stuff by the door to be returned to other people.

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    Today, the weather put an item on my to-do list …

    It’s been so mild that I have been parking on the driveway instead of in the garage. But we finally had a decent snowfall that’s likely to stick around for a few days. And I hate clearing snow off my car.

    But over the summer and fall, stuff accumulated in inappropriate places in the garage (partly mine, partly the downstairs roommates, and partly from the contractors who did some work in the basement apartment a few months ago).

    Some of the accumulation went into the garbage, some put aside for the downstairs neighbours to pick up, and some rearranged.

    The car is in the garage. 😀

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    End of the night update – got a couple more things done.

    I won’t always post when I do laundry, but lately I’ve been having trouble getting motivated to do it. So … 1 load of laundry, the dog bed. She got into a box of rawhide treats a couple of days ago, and vomited (in several locations) during the night that night. I had scooped up/wiped off the dog bed, but hadn’t gotten it into the wash yet.

    Also, a few months ago I started a bit of a re-organization of how I use the rooms in my place. Stuff from one closet was still stacked on my dining room table. Moved 3 boxes of Christmas/holiday decorations into their new home in the other closet. Re-purposed a small table to keep them off the floor, and realized the lower shelf on the table was perfect for holding the bin of vacuum and steam mop accessories. Dining room table is not quite clear yet, but mostly!

    You know what happens when you clean up something that’s been cluttered for a while?

    Every time you walk past it, you get pleasantly surprised!

    It’s like a bright spotlight shining straight at that part of the room. 🙂

    I’m very happy to say that my stove top and my dining room table are both positively glowing every time I walk by.

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    As reported last night, there was still some stuff left on the dining room table, mostly things moved off the top of a bookcase in previously mentioned room re-organization, that I couldn’t put back in the bookcase’s new location (higher feline traffic!)

    For example, 2 bronze flamingo figurines, and a race car teapot
    Also a largish wooden bowl with live edge.

    All these things, and a few more, were moved to new homes. The dining room table is officially completely clear!

    (The wooden bowl now lives in the living room, and will sit on the coffee table once I get that clear, to hold small odds and ends that I’d like to have handy when hanging out on my couch – hand lotion, chapstick, pet nail clippers and brush, etc)

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    A very small PAATAD today.

    A spare purse has been lying on the floor under my coffee table for months.

    I have looked at it many, many times, and almost as many times, I have thought that I should put it away.

    Putting it away took me all of … oh, I don’t know. 3 seconds?

    This is why I don’t tend to swap out purses very often, though I have several nice purses that would match and complement different jackets and outfits.

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    Missed out on yesterday, and didn’t want to let two days go by.

    So, coming home tonight, I grabbed a bunch of stuff from the car to throw in the garbage bin. Then I cleaned out a purse that had had a make-up eruption (a blusher fell apart in it). It’s not an expensive purse, vinyl with cloth lining. I’m going to try throwing it in the wash and see how it comes out. Finally, went around and put a few things back in their rightful homes (PEEP – Place for Everything, Everything in its Place).

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    It’s amazing really, how simply committing to posting here has inspired me to take action on clutter I’ve simply been ignoring.

    Gretchen Rubin talks about four tendencies – different personality types, and how they respond to external and internal expectations. I haven’t taken the test to figure out which category I fall into, but I do know that I benefit from some kind of “accountability” aspect, which this forum has served as for me in the past. It’s unclear to me whether it is the act of recording what I’m doing, or the thought that others might read it that really makes the difference.


    I finished clearing the front half of the car today, resulting in several coffee cups, napkins and other food packaging making its way into the garbage, along with parking receipts and other assorted papers, and a number of objects finding their way back home. Like the hair clip that I have looked for several times in and amongst my toiletries. No wonder I couldn’t find it! It was in the car!

    Also worked a bit on a room relocation project that I’ve been chipping away at very slowly. Lots still to do, but it felt good to pick that up again.

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    Got a few things done tonight…

    A load of laundry, and a couple of loads sorted out to do over the next couple of days.

    A load of dishes run through the dishwasher.

    Sorted through my front hall coat closet.

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    And …

    Took out the garbage.

    PEEP’d a bunch of little things.

    Returned a dish to my downstairs neighbour.

    Found an important paper that I need to take with me tomorrow.

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    Several small chores accomplished this evening.

    A load of laundry washed, dried, and put away.

    Small pile of laundry sitting on chair in bedroom for a looooong time finally put away.

    Dishwasher emptied, refilled (pet bowls and leftover containers after clearing out the fridge) and run through.

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    Reporting for yesterday, as it was too late to go online last night …

    Chipping away at cleaning out my car. Lots of accumulated papers, coffee cups and napkins, and other “stuff” thrown into the back seat when I am in a rush and going from one place to the next.

    As I worked at it, was pondering why it builds up like this. A couple of thoughts:

    1. Sometimes I leave things in the car because I have gone to a work meeting and then headed home (don’t want to take work papers into the house where I might forget them) or because I know that there is no designated spot for them inside (so I let them clutter up the car instead of my front entry at home or my desk at work). One solution would be to make sure that there are designated places for these particular things to go.
    2. Some things, like reusable shopping bags and my umbrella, are supposed to be in the car (but then attract more clutter) because there is no specific good place for them to live in the vehicle. I have a hatchback, so no trunk, and I regularly use the hatchback part to transport my dog. I will need to continue to look for some kind of container that can hold my car necessities, keeping them contained and tidy!

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    As noted in 2016 ATAD thread, have had some challenges keep me from posting over the last week. But have been trying to keep up with chipping away at undone tasks and accumulated clutter regardless.

    Last night was more about cleaning, when I did laundry, ran the dishwasher, cleaned the cats litterbox, etc.

    This evening, worked on cleaning up my desk at home, including finding a place to stash away spare gifts purchased for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. I ran out of room, plus bought a few more things on clearance after the boxes had been sent off. They will be used next year.

    I also spent some of my TV time with my laptop on my lap, working on deleting emails from my work email inbox, which have accumulated during a VERY busy week. I forgot to check how many I started with, but I think I deleted or appropriately archived more than a hundred!

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    After some major uncluttering at work today, I thought I might be too tired to do anything at home.

    But, I still managed to cook myself a good and healthy dinner, do some more tidying of my desk at home, shred my collection of receipts from the last couple of months, and do some PEEPing.

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    (duplicate post)

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