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    If all goes well — knock on wood — I’ll be having hip replacement surgery in August. I’m preparing by 1) cooking and freezing main dishes and bread and 2) putting ebooks in my Dropbox and on my iPod.

    The ebook collection may be getting out of control. I am pillaging Project Gutenberg sites in Canada and Australia, also U of Adelaide, because they are hosted in life+50 countries. (Books stay in copyright only 50 years after an author’s death, not 70 as in the US and many other countries.) I’m visiting some of the shadier parts of the web (protected by NoScript and anti-virus programs) to find more recent books (nudge nudge wink wink say no more). If the books aren’t in mobi, I’m converting them with Calibre. Everything then has to be filed in my elibrary, copied to Dropbox, and then sideloaded onto the iPod. I’ve spent many hours collecting and adding books. I’ve got hundreds of books to read during the … three days that I’ll be in the hospital.

    Hmmm. It’s good to have a selection, but I may be overdoing it ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t counted my ebooks, but they must well up in the thousands. Eight years collecting.

    I should perhaps add that most of the nudge nudge books are books that I had already purchased as deadtree books, or as PDB files that I can no longer read, after my Sony Clie stopped working. Living authors getting their due.

    (Dorothy Sayers, author of the Lord Peter Whimsey mystery novels, is out of copyright in Canada. They haven’t put all of her books into PG Canada yet, but there are a fair number available there. I’ve been rereading the whole series, filling in the gaps with deadtree books — I own them all. I’ve saved the last two in the series, Gaudy Night and Busman’s Honeymoon, to read on my iPod in the hospital.)

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    Ebook clutter

    Oh my. Need any help?

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    Ebook clutter

    Zora: I re-read my Dorothy L. Sayres almost every year ๐Ÿ™‚ My paperbacks are very, very tattered but definitely not clutter.

    If you haven’t read it yet, download Josephine Tey’s “A Daughter of Time.” (1951) The detective is in the hospital — just like you! — and given a puzzle to solve to keep him occupied — the murder of the princes in the tower. A wonderful book!

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    Ebook clutter

    post-surgery is a really exhausting time.
    your body is busily healing and repairing from surgery (which is pretty traumatic), plus you will have lots of physio, which is hard work.
    you won’t be lolling about, all bored!
    you’ll be sleeping.
    and when you do wake, you’ll have loads of books to entertain you!

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    Ebook clutter

    I’ve read the Tey, but years ago. It might be a fun re-read.

    George Orwell is OOC (out of copyright) in Australia and Canada and I’ve got his books. Looking forward to Down and Out in Paris and London.

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    Ebook clutter

    It’s convenient that I enjoy great galumphing triple-decker Victorian novels. From the canon (Dickens, Thackery, Trollope, Eliot …) to the close-to-forgotten (Charlotte Yonge, Ouida, Susan Warner, Mrs. Braddon …). I’ve also got The Tatler, the Spectator, Boswell’s Life of Johnson, and Clarissa. When I’m tired of that, I can read Mlle. de Scudery, Cicero, or Pindar. Or perhaps Dream of the Red Chamber or some Tagore ๐Ÿ™‚ Interspersed with science fiction and mystery novels.

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    I also have a lot of eBooks, my approach is to delete it if I know I wouldn’t read it again.

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