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    I have collected DVD’s for the past number of years and have more than I can watch. I recently got an appleTV, which seems a much less dysfunctional way to choose what I want to own or watch (in front of the TV I can say “I want to watch this,” rather than being at Wal-Mart and saying, “Some day I might want to watch this.” So I want to get rid of my decent sized DVD collection. Is there a good way to do this? I know that I can sell them on Amazon, but that leads to a lot of them sitting around as I wait for someone to buy them. What I want is to go to a store that will by them, ideally for cash rather than a gift card. Any suggestions?

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    It depends on where you live. Here in the St. Louis, MO area there is a store called Slackers that buys used games, CDs, and DVDs. You get the choice of cash or store credit. You get more if you take store credit. I would try googling “used DVDs” and your city and see what it comes up with.

    Good luck. I’d love to get rid of my DVDs, but I don’t think my boyfriend would go for that. Oh well, if that’s the only major clutter area we have, I can deal with it. At least it’s easy to organize and stack.

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    There are a few options: Hastings, Half Price Books, Pawn shops, and consignment shops.

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    you may want to go through your collection and look for the out of print dvds first. there are many that are worth money to a collector. once you have culled those, the rest may only have trade in value and some as low as a nickel from a store selling used dvds, so indeed Craiglist and box lots on ebay may be your best bet.

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    I was going to recommend, which I’ve used in the past for CD’s, although not for DVD’s. You can tell them what DVD’s you have, get an estimate of what they will pay, and then mail them all together in one box. As long as the discs are in good condition, they will take them (and they’ll mail back any that they’ve rejected).

    However, I checked a few DVD titles, and they are selling for very little. (Some as little as 5 cents). It might not be worth it to you to sell them for so little. (Especially since apple TV doesn’t necessarily have the same selection as you might find on DVD). However, you might want to check some of your DVD’s and see if it’s worth selling them that way.

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