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    Okay, “everything in its place,” I know, I know! But… there are always those four or five DVDs that we use a LOT. Workout DVDs, our daughter’s favorite show, my husband’s favorite video game — while the rest of our collection is perfectly organized and filed in a binder, it seems like we have a perpetual small pile on top of the DVD player. The issue: these end up at a greater risk of being scratched, they cause more heat on the player, and they just look awful. I can’t be the only one with this situation, so what do others do?

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    DVDs on top of the player

    Here is a wallpaper you can buy that stores your CD on display.

    You can also just keep a few DVD cases around just for those discs that never make it back into the binder.

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    DVDs on top of the player

    I keep a small decorative basket near the DVD player, and those “regulars” stay in there when not being used.

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    DVDs on top of the player

    love the “wallpaper”!
    but would probably go for few jewel cases and a neat stack instead.

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    DVDs on top of the player

    I have a small mail sorter next to the DVD player to hold the two or three DVDs that never seem to make it back to their cases, as well as the most recent Netflix disk. (It looks something like this: http://www.stacksandstacks.com/leather-mail-holder )

    It’s very easy to put a DVD in the sorter. The easier it is to put things away, the more likely it is that they will actually get put away.

    On the other side of the DVD player, there’s enough space for a DVD case or two. So if I’m watching a movie, the DVD case goes on the shelf next to the player, so I have no excuse for not putting the disk back in the case when I take it out of the player. It may take a day or two to put the case back where it belongs, but the DVD is safe.

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