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      I am wanting to unclutter my house, so I bought myself the iX500 document scanner. I’m very pleased with it so far, but the software which comes with it does not do any automated document management.

      What I would like is a piece of software which does the following:

      * Receive the scanned document and OCR it (I think the iX500 will do the OCR internally but I guess software OCR will probably be better)
      * Scan the document for a list of supplied keywords
      * Save the document in a specific folder with a particular name based on the keywords which are found

      For example, if I scan a pay slip the software will read the text and find “Basic Salary” and know it is a pay slip. This will be saved as “Pay Slip ” in the folder d:documentspay_slips. Similarly, if I scan a bank statement it will find the name of the bank and save it as “Bank Statement ” in d:documentsbank_statements

      Can you please suggest any software which has this functionality.

      Thanks for your help.

      Regards, Keith.

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      I’ve been using Evernote with a Fujitsu Scansnap. It has revolutionised my paper management. Scanned documents are OCRd quickly and efficiently and saved to the simple folder (=notebook in Evernote jargon) structure I have set up. I usually save to Evernote in the cloud so I can access the information anywhere and it’s synced across all my devices. With the cloud version I don’t bother tagging because everything is searchable (with the premier non-free! version of Evernote. If I remember correctly you would need to tag to find things with the free version.

      Even without tagging it is smart enough to assign some things to the correct folder, e.g. recipes. But it doesn’t matter if it sends it to the default folder as it’s all findable anyway. Once every few months I move those items to the correct folder and tag them in case I ever stop using the paid for version.

      (It does lots of other clever stuff which I haven’t bothered exploring but one useful feature is that my evernote account has its own email address so important emails I want to keep are emailed straight to evernote and treated like any other document. So that my email stays decluttered as well as my physical paper files. )

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      Mike Hathaway

      I use an ix500 and kind of wrote my own web based solution. However I have a friend going through boxes of paper and the basic advice I gave him was set up folders on your computer just like you would a file cabinet.

      The starting process is to sort everything into three piles
      1. Shred (just feed straight into the shredder)
      2. Scan and file (the best is to actually just start filing as you would a file cabinet.
      3. Keep what can’t be scanned. (Diplomas, Pictures, awards etc…) In the end this pile was next to nothing.

      He went through 20 of those costco bins full of paper from his parents, and both his grandparents (everything had been saved when his parents cleaned out houses after deaths and it was thrown into storage and forgot about, my friend cleared out the giant storage units to help his parents save money. It was more than $500 a month for storage which tells us the evil of storage.)

      The scan pile this is the key
      1. Name the docs (I do subject and date)
      2. File setting up folders just like you would a file cabinet.
      3. Scan to the pdf-a format and have the software OCR all pages. This is a scansnap setting it OCR’s all the text and adds it to the files meta data

      Software can always come in at a later date, but this works very well, everything can be found and nothing is stuck in a proprietary format or database. This is free. I also believe operating systems will eventually read all the meta data and allow us to search by content. This is much easier than using any pieces of software.

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      Alexandria Friedman

      One of my teachers in college actually had us use a free program called OpenDocMan which might work for what you want it to do? http://www.opendocman.com/

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