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    Can any of you good folk offer some suggestions on de-cluttering my inbox and also how to keep it like that on a day-to-day basis. I really do get rather overwhelmed at times, clear it down (down to 50 emails is good for me!) but it creeps back up to around 500 in no time at all! This happens even though I am deleting spam and moving emails that relate to specific projects to their own folders!

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    de-cluttering my email inbox

    i treat emails like paper on my desktop and i decide on one of four options:

    trash it // delegate it // file it // do it

    in that order of preference!

    if it takes 2 minutes or less to complete, i do it instantly (but i don’t read emails every 10 minutes but maybe 5 times a day and i am prepared to work for some minutes on the emails)

    if the email takes more time that 2 minutes to work on, and you can’t trash, delegate or file it, then put it on a list of to-dos. so after checking and deleting emails, fowarding emails to delegate the tasks in there to others or file them where they should be filed, there will be none (that´s perfect) or some few emails left as a to-do-list. i try not to have more than 2 or 3 emails in my inbox because things to do are annoying ;o)

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    de-cluttering my email inbox

    Wow thanks – there is loads to read here! I’ll check through the links and let you know how I get on!

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    de-cluttering my email inbox

    Using email filters are always a good solution.


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    de-cluttering my email inbox

    Question, Hollyuk: Is this your personal email or work? For my personal email, if it’s in my junk mail folder, I don’t even pay any attention to it. I just delete them about every other day or so. For my inbox, there’s some newsletters that I subscribe to, that if the subject doesn’t grab me, they get deleted without even being opened. I’m a night owl, so I usually tend to spend late nights going through emails, opening, responding or just deleting. Have you changed the settings on how and where your mail gets delivered?

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    de-cluttering my email inbox

    I have a simple system for my private (yahoo) and my work email. The moment I receive the email I read it and either:

    1. respond to it
    2. file it to a folder (if I need to keep it, but don’t need to take any action)
    3. delete it
    4. if I don’t have time or need time to respond, I keep it in my inbox.
    5. For work emails, I flag for follow up if it is something that has to be done in a longer time frame (like in one month) and store it in its folder)

    Essentially, the only emails in my inbox are the ones I need to take some action on now/soon. My work email will always have around 10 emails or less in my inbox (sometimes more, I admit) and my private is usually down to 0.
    For personal, I unsubscribe from everything I am not interested in anynmore, but if I do subscribe to blogs and newsletters, I actually glance at them quickly and delete right away, unless there is something I really want to deveote more time to (usually it is not) I delete a lot. And I file a lot in folders in both my YAHOO and my work email.

    I find that leaving only TO BE ACTIONED email in my INBOX also serves as a TO DO list, I rarely every forget anything.

    Hope this helps.

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    de-cluttering my email inbox

    Well, I have one very simple tip that works fine if you’re just starting to minimize your inbox.
    Set a goal to delete a half of all your messages. So, if you have, say, 300 messages in your inbox, set a goal to delete 150 of those in a certain amount of time. The amount of time really depends on how busy you are.
    More on the topic

    I hope this helps to those who are starting out cleaning the inbox 🙂 Good luck

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    de-cluttering my email inbox

    Right click on your inbox folder and create meaningful sub folders. For example:
    House Stuff (for your home)
    Car (for car insurance and other certs)

    You then simply drag the files over to the appropriate folder and that’s it. You can also create sub folders, for example:

    What this does is it creates a very handy data archive for admin purposes. I would never suggest deleting. How many times have you deleted emails and wish you hadn’t? Gordon http://www.ourtechguy.co.uk

    If you like you can contact me on some how to do’s with different email clients.
    Hope this helps

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