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    I am wondering if anybody knows of a good service which will convert VHS tapes into DVD format? I have no more than 10 video tapes. Would it be cheaper to buy the software and do it myself (and do you recommend any?)?.

    About half of them are home videos, and the other half are special (to me) old weird movies which don’t exist as DVDs. I don’t own a VCR anymore and would hate to buy and live with one just to watch a movie once in a blue moon.


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    Converting old VHS movies to DVD?

    I don’t have advise for you, but I am in a similar situation (both with VHS tapes and cassette tapes) – the stuff on the tapes is stuff I definitely want (recordings of myself and my sister), but I don’t have a VHS or cassette player, and I am nervous about mailing the items somewhere else.

    My dream would be a place where I could physically go and “rent time” using some sort of converter and software…I hope others have some suggestions!

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    Converting old VHS movies to DVD?

    I don’t know if this store or any store does what you’re wanting, but have you tried Best Buy? I was roaming around on their site and found that you can drop off old/broken electronics and they’re recycle them for you so they don’t wind up in a landfil for the next 100 years. If the website doesn’t say anything, you might have to call them and talk to a real person. Sometimes that’s easier and faster.

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    Converting old VHS movies to DVD?

    If they are commercial VHS tapes you probably would not be able to find a commercial service that would do the conversion for you because of copyright issues.

    It’s a fairly easy (although time-consuming) process. You can probably borrow a VHS player from someone and the added equipment (assuming you have a DVD burner on your computer) is cheap. Here’s one explanation of how to do it:

    If you don’t have a lot, there is probably a local shop that does this. I use Dub King and they charge about $25 per tape. Better than shipping your tapes off into the ether.

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    Converting old VHS movies to DVD?

    I have attempted to do this myself and it’s kind of a pain. To get around the copyright blocks on the movies, I hooked up a VCR to an analog-to-digital converter (bought on ebay)to a DVD burner. However, I’m pretty sure this is illegal, at least in the US, because of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, so try it at your own risk 🙂

    I feel like I’ve seen a lot of different places pop up that will convert home movies for you for a reasonable fee, and they can probably add menus and chapters and other fancy little touches easily.

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    Converting old VHS movies to DVD?

    google “vhs to dvd” and a lot of companies will come up that provide this service. as another poster noted they will only do home movies, nothing that has a copyright on it- those you would have to do yourself

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    Converting old VHS movies to DVD?

    Ginger, you might also try browsing YouTube for the “old weird” movies. A lot of stuff has gone up there.

    I’ve also seen a couple different softwares that’ll do the conversion on your PC for around $50. The catch is you’ve got to have a VHS player, but these are still to be found.

    We bought a dual-deck Sony that plays & records both VHS and DVD. We’ve used it to archive shows on DVD from our DVR, to record a DVD using the line-in from our camcorder, and to copy VHS tapes to DVD.

    At around $150 it was MUCH cheaper than using a commercial service (which wouldn’t have let me archive 12 seasons of Dancing with the Stars, anyway!).

    There are similar machines still available: http://www.amazon.com/Magnavox-Recorder-Combo-1080p-Up-Conversion/dp/B002TIHQLC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1337198789&sr=8-2

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    Converting old VHS movies to DVD?

    Thanks so much for the advice, I really appreciate it!!!

    Susanintexas, thanks that link was really helpful! $25 per tape…yikes lol. I have lots of time to kill this summer so I “think” I’ll attempt it myself if I can find somebody who will lend me a player.

    Sassafras, hmmm thanks! I’ll hold off and rethink the copyrighted videos. They are 20+ years old, but I really don’t know much about this sort of thing. Such a bummer and a pain. If they were re-issued in DVD format I’d just save the trouble and buy them.

    Chacha, I found one of them on youtube lol! Just a bit “scary” because I have no control over it being taken off or not, and the quality on that one was low. It sure is fun to see it though! Thanks for the link, I saved it and am adding it to my list of options!

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    Converting old VHS movies to DVD?

    I did mine myself and they came out fine. I am NOT good at stuff like that but it really was easy. Good luck!

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